Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Education 2009

Today I went scouting a school for my son who is turning four this May.

We first went to a near by school, my son took his assessment test and passed.

The director told me that my son is a very smart kid; she said that my kid knows his numbers well and all the colors and shapes. I’m proud that my son passed the assessment and glad that he’s now ready for school.

After which I decided to go to another school, a well recognized school here in the Philippines, Antipolo branch, I got entice with the school grounds and the neatness of the school. The assessment was well organized and there are a lot of parents and students waiting to be assess….which made me think twice over the first choice…

The dilemma…of course the first school is not as outstanding as the second school but the tuition fee is way cheaper, (1st school-30k all in vs. 2nd school-57k + books and uniform expenses). The class room is not that organize compared to the 2nd school and there are no one there waiting to be assess…

I was in a situation where in I have to battle between which schools I should enroll my son.

I know that good education can’t be based on how the school is presented in terms of classroom, procedure and what not…it is based on the teaching and the quality of students they produce. However, the second school offers both as far as I know and based on the school track record, aside from a good environment I know that my son will learn good education…

As I was writing this I already made my decision…the second school wins …now I just have to find ways to earn that extra 27k++ to get my son a good education.

My Good Riddance to the 1st school.

The experience was nice but…nope its not you. Sorry.

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