If you have nothing good to say then this is not the place for you! Otherwise feel free to speak your mind. I greatly discourage negativity since it won't help anyone but your ego. Again for the 2nd time NO BASHING.

Above is my number 1 Rule.

  • When posting comments make sure to attach your link so I can go back and visit you as well.
  • Never post any personal information for your own safety. I won't be responsible for your no brainer action.
  • Please give respect by not stealing my photos.
  • My post should not affect anyone in any case if ever you feel offended  let me know so I can take immediate action. No sulking over my entry.
  • I will not follow blogs that promote pornography, 3rd party relationship (home wreckers),  negativity, any forms of discrimination or offending hate blogs. Sorry. I'm a happy person so I will only follow those who are happy like me. I might rant every now and then but let me remind you...this is "mygoodriddance"
  • I don't promote any products or services. if you feel like I'm worthy of advertising your business or attending to any of your promotional or social function I would be happy to do so, just send me an email @ or leave a comment here ^^
  • SMILE (the Second Rule here @ mygoodriddance)
Lastly don't hesitate to ask me questions. Have a Great Life!

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