Monday, July 11, 2011

I LOVE HWANGBO HYE JUNG I’m a Fan Girl After All

Unleash the fan girl inside lol

This will be my first time telling everyone that indeed I love fan girling but only to the two most humble, most adorable artist in Korea hihihi ^^. I’ve never been like this and I’m feeling all giggly inside.  

Last June 29, I joined a group of Joongboers to meet Hwangbo Hye Jung. It was a hit and miss since I saw everyone talking in twitter so I decided to asks them if they can let me to tag along, they welcomed me to join. I was new, so, I really feel shy and I barely knew anyone except from Fudge who’s my sister in SH. We went to Discovery Suite to wait for her at the bar on the 22th flr and luckily (with the luck coming from Cati_21) we were able to see her.

And there she goes (insert song There She Goes by Sixspence) walking to our way, all with simplicity, no make up, no fancy heels, no fancy dress, just a simple shorts, T-shirt and flip flops and a very cute hair pin ^^. I was in star struck, caught between screaming and excitement but I wasn’t able to scream. Instead I stood there holding my cam and looking like a kid admiring a Barbie doll.

Language barrier is indeed one of our greatest disadvantages if only we can speak Hangul it would be much be easier than our hand gestures, please and thank you. But knowing how clever she is we were all up for a surprise when she utter something that made us all giggle, she suddenly said “POGI” hahahaha and it was very cute.

Her voice is deep and sincere similar to how she sounded in the programs I’ve watched and she’s also warm very accommodating also similar to how I observe her in WGM and Muhan Girls. She was really affectionate giving us hugs and saying thank you all the time. The 5 minutes that was given to us had exceeded to I don’t know, maybe 20 mins or so and it was really sweet of her to give us some time. I really appreciate her love for her fans ^^.

There are a lot of things that I like about her, aside from the fact that she’s beautiful, her beauty radiates because of her true self. She’s compassionate, down to earth and loving. The reason why she was here during that time was not because she was promoting nor doing some events, she was here because she was attending a compassion seminar. Compassion is a group that aims to help those who are in need and I think here in the Philippines she was able to send 1 kid in school. That’s one thing I like about her, her love for kids and humanity.

I would always cherish that moment when I met her for the first time. It was my first time running after an artist; I’ve never been so fond of anyone even local artist here but she’s an exception to all. After All she is Hwangbo Hye Jung!

Well, so the other artist that Im fond of will be here on August 25 hihihi and he’s none other than Kim Hyun Joong (better known as the Shillang of Buin in WGM, Oh buin is Hye Jung by the way hihihi)  I’m ought to see him too. If I’ve seen the wife I better see the husband too lol.

Well, they are not really married (yet) in real life but they’ve shown us JBers what married is all about in a cutest and humblest way. And I’m still rooting on them that soon they’ll be together again…awww if I’ll be giving all the reasons why I believe in them this post will take more than 500 pages (soompi has 1000+ pages of the reasons why) anyways, I am a lover of Joongbo/Ssangchu couple! So that’s my fan girl heart, I’ve unleash. 

Edit: Ooops, credit to the owners of those photos.^^ Those were taken from that night, I've ask a favor from ms.michsann to give a copy on my memory card. ^^ All my shots are angled to the right side of buin hihihi, my brain got out of focus and so as my view finder. Thanks to those who made it possible for me to see Hwangbo ^^ and thank you for the warm welcome. I've earned new friends ^^ SALAMAT!


  1. LOL re: fade in of Sixpences' There She Goes (btw i love that song too!) is that the OST of this entry??? Congratulations Skull! you are now a certified fresh-out-of-the-closet-fan-girl lol

    Im proud to say im a fan of this Angel too!and i am jealous because you have met her already! Now i cant wait for your next entry after August 25 :)

    I thank Joongbo Love for letting me meet you and a whole bunch of adorable/amazing sisters at SH.



  2. Hersheys, sister you know that I love SH siblings and the camaraderie we have there ^^ I hope to see you all one day.

    and that song is just really perfect for her^^ I really adore Hwangbo and I'm glad that I was able to unleash this fan girl inside it feels good to have someone to share with ^^

    Thanks! SEGYERO!!!!!!

  3. Ya!! finally your blog is up. First congratulations from the bottom of my heart, glad that my SH sibling is moving forward since we met and fall in love with JoongBo .. we concur soompi n now a another new blog.. bravo to us.
    As for Hye Jung what else can I say except how jealous I am that you Skull, were able to be up close to her ...and may your luck with shillang are good too ...

  4. BabyG! BabyG! BabyG!

    Well, what can I say except that I love you E sister! Thanks a lot, you are one of those who welcomed me in SH ^^ never look low of me when I showed up and said: I want to be part of the SH siblings. Lurking was hard since i can't share my thoughts and feelings about our uri couple but you and our other SH siblings lk,Lvk,Hersheys,kiani,me,m30w, mommyJtr, nurul, erlou, Fudge and the rest are all there to listen to my thoughts and welcome my blabbers with open ears. lol

    I still "sometimes" feel unwelcome by others but still you guys inspire me to push... my heart sometimes hurt with all the neglected efforts but I know that some of them might also doubt my true heart and maybe I'm still a newbie, after all it took me two years to unleash that fan girl inside or might also be I'm too shy to approach them (entirely my fault too) lol ^^

    Anyways, I wish to meet more JBers bec there are hundreds or thousands of them worldwide, some are still lurking and trying to find a way to unleash that fan heart. I wish that they can all come out just like me so we can let them know how welcome they are and that JBers heart will forever be warm just like how warm Buin's Hugs ^^
    Thanks BabyG! I owe you and the SH sibling a big THANKS!

    Kiss Kiss ^^

  5. YA!!! who is this Levz ... that spoke so passionately of me ... Ya!! who are you? Aisshhhh how many time have I told you people not to use so many names .... Ya! dont expect me to recognize you ... emmm but looking at the context of your response ... emmm could you be my E Skull? Ya! if you r my E Skull, sorry baby .. hahaha.... LOVE YA!! KISS KISS ..

  6. Skullcandy (?) keke, it's been a long time since you fangirled, geez it seems only yesterday, all the excitement at SH, twitter, just to get you to Bo's venue :) But yeah, I'm happy you had one of those *moments* only few of get to experience. Take care girl...muah :)
    ...only me, kiani


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