Monday, July 11, 2011

AZKALS 4-0! Lesh GOOO!


It was all worth it!!!!

Last July 3, I’ve witness game Azkals vs Sri Langka. And boy how I’ve scream on every goal that our boys made ^^ Despite the grumpy weather fans stood still to cheer AZKALS!

It was a month long plan, purchasing tickets and planning on how to get there and etc. we almost fell on the floor when I was told that the tickets are all sold out, good thing my cousin was able to pull some strings for us and we still manage to get some tix.

July 3 I was suppose to go to Batangas for our team building but I told my team that I’ll just follow after the game. So there I went wearing my bluest shirt and my spiked funny hat to cheer on our team. When we arrive there we saw kiosks offering some service. I wanted to have some face paint and it was neat to find that Smart was selling sim for 40 pesos with that comes a free face paint of your choice hohoho so I got myself a Philippines flag and a Go Azkals on my other cheek ^^. I went strolling around and saw some goodies so I got my son Wacky his Azkals Hat .^^

More Azkal Lovin Photos with friends
When we entered the bleachers the weather was still fine although cloudy, when my cousin told me that it was raining in Makati I knew we will not be spared. So there, right on the start of the game the rain start pouring, I don’t know if it was a gift from heaven but man the crowd as more excited because of that down pour. We were all jumping and cheering while literary being wash but it was really amazing. I had no camera on hand at that time till second half but my friend manage to capture our reaction on the first GOAL! After that it was easy to predict that AZKALS will take on the Game.

Next game here in Manila will be on the 23rd of July although the competitor is a little strong I still believe that Azkal can make it. With support coming from your fellow pinoys we will all go and hit that GOAL!

This photo of Wacky was Featured in PHL Azkals (Philippine National Football Team) Page in Facebook ^^ Thank you^^
Wacky joined us on the second half good thing the rain had stop! He'll be coming with us too on the 23rd hopefully the weather will not be grumpy. Till then see you AZKALS,  make your Momma land proud ^^

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