Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Who wouldn’t remember Guns n’ Roses, Poison, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Kiss, Boston, Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Warrant, Slaughter, White Lion, Danger Danger and Van Halen (oh, forgive me if I failed to mention your favorite Glam Rock Band)
Today I’m feeling a little nostalgic, going back to the Glam Era…Since I started the day listening to Poison’s “Until you suffer some (Fire and Ice)” oh yeah, it feels just right. Nothing beats the powerful heavily reverb drum beat, the catchy hooks and guitar riffs with effin’ shredded guitar solos and high screaming voice. The Glam get up *woot* to those sexy man who wore those tight black demin, spandex or leather jeans, headband or bandana, those who carries spiked bangs bleach blonde long hair, black and white make up and over flowing of silver accessories. A rock and roll lifestyle of partying all night and hell yeah! they can grind, remember Axl’s snake dance? And not to mention those Flying V guitars and understanding the use tremolo bar. Who wouldn’t miss that?
Glam is one of the music I grew up listening to, although I started listening to New Waves and British Rock at the age of 8-10 (I guess?). Glam is one of the music that influenced me to hold and play the guitar. As far as I can remember the basic chords for Glam Rock are G-D-A-C just play along with those 4 chords and I’m sure you’ll be just fine. And yes!, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I was one of those who struggled really hard just to learn how to play GnR’s “Sweet Child of Mine”, and all the effin’ ways to play it, you can play it normally like holding your guitar right in front of you showing off your skillful fingers or you can play it by putting the guitar at your back for a little exhibition and amazement of the audience . *boohoo* unfortunately I failed in doing the back part or both HAHAHA.
Why do I listen to Glam? That’s very simple. I like the lyrics, straight forward yet full of feelings. The song convey the real emotions of the song writer and the melodies are catchy, although a little noisy because of the vocalist boisterous sexy voice. I love the guitar riffs and the solos, it’s not as complicated as most of the rock songs now a days. The riffs are much clearer and easy to follow. By listening to it you'll be able to identify what kind of Guitar Effects used mostly Overdrive, Wah, Delay and Reverb or Chorus unlike today’s Rock music (if I can ever classify one) more digitized and uses a lot of sound mixes. Not saying that I don't like the RnR of this generation, it's just different from the Old School RnR.
I don’t know... but I really like listening to Glam Rock maybe because it offers appealing guitar riffs or maybe because I love listening to the vocalist voice (sexy charisma~Oh Sebastian Bach!^^) or maybe because I’m not your average girl who listened to Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice during those era, although I had fun listening to Cypress Hill. I really don't know. Oh hey! by the way, I’m not that old~~ just musically inclined^^ LOL!

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