Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daraitan: Open your Eyes!

Summer 2011 is indeed my busiest summer ever. I have gone to the beach, saw some magnificent falls, climbed a beautiful mountain and was finally was able to trek a river. I have to say that once I completed those four journeys there is no stopping. I still have to continue for this growing passion is getting big and I have to swim more seas, climb more mountains, search for more falls and trail on more river.

Daraitan is an easy destination for those who long for natures love, easy access and less strenuous (just don’t count the rock climb/descend). It only took us an hour to reach our destination (haha). Well, they told us (for newbies) sometimes it takes about 2 hours or more before reaching the campsite. Maybe we’re not so new anymore. Maybe that trek had baptized us. Now I’m aiming for a major hike that will touch all the four elements.  

More! More! Stories!

I remember during that trek after reaching our campsite and settling our stuffs, Richie (our trail guide) asks me this question: “Among all of those you’ve been to, which one you think is the best Mt. Romelo, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Daraitan or Boracay?” My answer was: I don’t think I can compare each destination for they have a unique taste on its own and with all due respect, comparison is out of the question thus I cannot choose, I like them all” hahaha talk about a pageant question with formulated pageant answer haha! I thank you! Word Peace!

Just a quick info, Daraitan It is located in Sampaloc Tanay Rizal. To get there you can either ride a jeep/FX from cubao going to Cogeo then Jeep in Cogeio going to Sampaloc or if you’re coming from Crossing take the Tanay Jeep/FX then ride a Jeep going Sampaloc. When you reach Sampaloc there’s a jeep that will take you to Daraitan but they have a strict schedule so be mindful of your time.  If you reach there late, like 3pm chances are you have to take a trike or a habalhabal. I am not a fan of habalhabal for I have sworn long time ago not to ride a motorbike (not my type of adventure). So what we did was talk to the driver in Cogeo and asks him to drive us to Daraitan which he accepted with a well bargained fare.

When we got to Daraitan we stayed at one of the locals there whom our guides knew. In Daraitan you have to be extra careful with your stuff. With that I meant making sure that all you clothes and gadget won’t be wet.  I have to use 3 big garbage bags to wrap all my things and another extra bag incase the water gets high, fortunately it’s not.

The trail was easy at first but it gets harder as you reach the campsite. We have to climb and descend on those high, stiff and slippery rocks, Marble to be exact. We reach the campsite earlier than expected, with no stopovers or rest as we were racing against darkness. A few minutes after resting at the campsite we decide to climb down the river and wash our face but we ended up soaking ourselves into the water. It’s amazing how the water can be frigging cold and warm at the same time. Half of the flowing water was warm and the other half was cold so you can practically seat and feel both temperatures running in your body. Just like a Spa!

The food was well organized for it’s a birthday Climb for MC and a late Birthday climb for me. We had Grilled Fish (big Tulingan), Grilled Liempo Pork and 2 kilos of shrimp all bought from Farmers market before the climb. We had 1 kilo of Smoked Fish (tinapang Galungong) for breakfast and Fruits with Bagoong (shrimp paste) for appetizer.

There was also this jumping shrimp incident, when Christian accidentally drop the shrimps during the steeply climb and he was left there with no one to help him pick all those shrimp hahahaha! You can just imagine how I panic because Chris was not replying when we were looking for him. It was steep and you can only climb it quickly in a single file. So, when Chris finally shouted “yung hipon natapon”  I was there rolling on my tummy because I can just imagine how he pick up those happy shrimp one by one HAHAHA. He needs to, otherwise we won’t have dinner.  

The night was spent social drinking with few stories to share. The following day we had our breakfast and decided to leave early with our swimming clothes. It took us more than 3 hours to go back to the jump point because we were playing in the water with every chance we get. There are 3 parts where in you can dip your exhausted body and I wish I can describe better how it instantly took off our exhaustion. That’s why I can only say DARN! When I saw how toasted I got from all the soaking and trekking.  Mr. Sunshine must be so happy to see me dancing in his warm embrace. Spf 100, I don’t know how true you are but the after Sun lotion was indeed glorious! I love Daraitan!

Ok! I’m the most “Maarte” in the Art of Mountaineering but I’m no different with anyone, I can practically handle myself. I’m just Kikay! I do my climb with style!  I don’t know if you would like to see your haggard self in pictures. The landscape is surely gorgeous and your haggard face is the only one destroying the scenery. Tell me, do you want to be an eyesore? Hahaha!

Next Stop! Mt Daguldol or Pico De Loro or Mt Pundaquit or Mt Batulao? You’ll know for sure!
Have a great life!             

Excuse me but I randomly posted pictures everywhere lol! I apologize for my folly!

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  1. like ko din mapuntahan to..kya lng delikado ngaun na lagi mmay typhoonn..mapuputhan din kya daraitan..


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