Saturday, August 7, 2010

Road Trip Junkie! The Road I have traveled~

I barely have time for play. My work is so demanding and it's taking all of my play time so I have to squeeze in all the extra curricular activity that I may have. Unfortunately, my friends also have their own schedule to deal with, so I have to make a fair comprehensive time for everyone to be happy. We have been planning this road trip and after all of those attempts we finally made it. Sunday it is!

The First Road Trip

This was just part of our random hey ho let’s go!~ After drinking that night Kaye and Kevin have to drive me back at my place at 4am and before getting off we have all decided to go on a road trip that afternoon at 3pm. I was~ ok let’s just see if this will really take place. At 2:30 pm I woke up with a few text and missed call from other people, non of them came from Kaye or Kevin or Jasper. So I though of texting them first and before I knew it they were at my doorstep waiting for me to pack up all of my things inside the car trunk. I have a tendency to bringing too many things (not) needed lols!

with Jasper and Kevin


With Kaye

At 3:45 we were heading outside Antipolo, the weather is grouchy with dark overcast clouds. We trek the long highway of Rizal giggly and having fun with some stop over to buy Kababayan (local bread like small muffins), Spanish bread and soda to fill out grumbling stomach. We bump into a few mishaps due to some road construction. We almost run out of gas because Kaye miscalculate the miles that we will be travelling so we end up buying gasoline in coke liter bottles sold by the locals along the highway. We arrived at our destination and I started hitting my cam. After an hour of cam whoring we decided to head down. We got a little lost but still manage to find our way back after 30 mins driving to the wrong direction hehehe lols!

The second Roadtrip

The complete cast!

Kids don't try this at home ^^

With Belen and Kaye

First stop

My Evil Sista!

This was somehow well planned than the previous one. We have decided to bring some food along the way, incase we get hungry we can just set up a picnic mat and eat but we still went to the same bakery and buy the delicious kababayan. This time the entire cast was complete along with our costumes (posers) and themes. Belen wasn't able to join us on our first drive because she was in Davao attending her sister’s wedding, so this trip was planned specially for her. Again we are welcomed by the grouchy weather that somehow helped us in taking good photos, the fog in the mountain made it more dramatic and the weather was cool enough to keep us from getting sweaty and haggard. We had fun and went to Kaye’s house after to have our scrumptious dinner~ Bicol express, Tinapa, Chicken Curry and Fried Itik yum with a few vodka shot.

My Personal Shots!

I’m very familiar with the road since I've been there a couple of times, I can't barely recall the number of times but enough to say that I have brought my favorite people with me to enjoy the scenery. Travelling with different people who needed time to think and contemplate in their life, issues, things that needed a long cautious silent thinking. Friends who wants to unwind or enjoy or some who wants to reassess their life and what not.

I have traveled that road and made some life changing decision while watching the white lines that indicate I’m still in the right path. I have traveled that road and left my worries with those beautiful serene mountains. I have traveled that road and laugh the loudest with the most trusted and fine people who've accompany me during my madness. I have traveled that road with the most important people in my life, some are still with me and some are miles apart from where we have started. Nevertheless, once they have traveled with me. Just now that I realize that everyone who has touched my life has traveled that same road with me, I was able to share them the tranquility that these road was able to give to my soul. I was given the chance to bring them here at my little oasis, my retreat, my haven, a place where I feel safe and calm.

Funny Shots

Only in the Philippines

Nice View


Some More of the RT!
My Favorite Spot

About to go home

I love my Friends!

Singing in the RAIN! ^^


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