Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Books 2012

Last Christmas I got myself “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” unfortunately I haven’t finish reading it. Reasons: I was lazy and I guess reading also requires mood and ambience. Moody and I can’t find the right ambience (---yeah yeah I know!). I also got a hardbound copy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami it was given to me last Christmas by a good friend  and you know I haven’t started on it because--- I’m lazy! So by mid February I was anxious with my being overly lazy. I was concern with my enthusiasm and I can’t find my, my spot. So I told myself I need a starter, something to jump start my dead battery.

Bam! There I found Hunger Games!  Like freakish and monstrous, I can’t stop reading, page after page. I was obsessed with Katniss Evergreen and Peeta Mellark. I was fancying Cinna and The Capitol people, The Arena and the Cornucopia and all the districts and the Tributes from each district. I got mad, I cried, I laugh and fell in love with each turn of events.

I have to halt myself for simple reasons like I need to sleep, eat and live. I was back. Just like last year when I needed to summon my lost desire for reading. I finished the 3 series in less than 3 weeks, allotting only two days each week for each book because if not I know I’ll be spoiling my mood and be tired after. So when I saw the preview of Hunger Games I can’t control my emotion, teary eyes and shaking voice, overwhelmed. I wonder why  I never check on them whenever I visit the bookstores and I almost missed the series. Well, still lucky because out of boredom and curiosity I search to find the ebook and there!

Now I’m back to reading.

This is happening so frequently, I can hear my mother saying “Levz, jack of all traits, master of nothing” hahaha! See? I have disconnected myself from almost everything…I’m back to, I’m back, blah blah blah! Now I’m scolding myself because all I can think of in every post I write here is I’m back! I’m back! Argh!
Enough of that!)

Anyways, I’ll be starting on 1Q84 I think I had enough warm-up, I wanted to read that book when I’m ready so I can give my full concentration. I’ll also be refreshing myself with Tolkien since Hobbit will be showing soon and it’s been like more than half a decade since I’ve read that book. Not to mention that I need to catch up with those books I failed to finish.

By the way, while reading Hunger Games these two songs are constantly on loop. In my opinion, can be a good soundtrack for the book. Just sharing! Try it, Listen and Enjoy!

Have fun!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey 2012! I’m late!

Well this is my first entry this year and I hate to admit there are tons I need to go back to and recall. All the things that made me temporarily abandon this blog. I went to Cebu last January and I’m planning a lot of hike this summer but I’m staying away from buying plane tickets and going outside Luzon, I’m on a big budget control for a very important reason. But I know Luzon won’t fail me because there are a lot of great mountains to climb and pristine beaches to swim, so for the mean time until that big event is done I’ll be playing within Luzon.

And my Flintstone’s family is a little active lately, many things we do together that requires time and effort on my part, but what’s there to waste when it comes to family? Family comes first and I’m really thankful I was born to be with them, I wouldn’t trade my place with anyone, no money, treasure or power can make me change my mind. I have the perfect extended family, I must say.   

There are a lot of frustration at the start of the year. Well, First, I fail to attend Laneway Festival because my budget was allotted for our Cebu trip. Even if I manage to save a little to make the plan a little feasible I was caught in unexpected circumstances in Cebu. We were left by our plane which means we have to buy a regular priced ticket, Hassle and ouch on my pocket. Second, I had planed various climb for February but weather’s unpredictable and natural calamities are my biggest fear. So I got myself busy with what I can easy do like eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking and reading lols. I’m boring, lol.

Well, aside from my daily human routine I had quietly slipped away from every social medium, maybe I got tired. I slowly vanished from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and etc. I rarely open my laptop, I have a bunch of blogs and websites which I visit regularly for the past two years but slowly I drifted away from that practice. I badly needed that rest, at least to get a breather from all the stress and to free my mind. I went to look over what I have missed after being trap in a world that connects everything via thin thread. It was not bad. I feel that I had disconnected well enough, well rested to quietly start again in a clean slate.  So here, at a snail's pace, I’m coming back to this blog and bits by bits I’ll be visiting and trailing again those blogs and websites again.

See you around!

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