Monday, December 20, 2010

Budjie & Vanity's Red Wedding!

Vanity and Budjie’s Wedding…The much awaited event! Everything went smoothly the way it was planned. Travel was the wedding theme mainly because this couple loves travelling. It was overwhelming how my friend Vanity has planned her dream wedding starting with the invitation (passport and plane tickets to their wedding) to the color scheme to every details like the church, reception, the table assignment which was named after all the places they’ve been to— just to name a few Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and much more, their souvenirs which came from those different places and not to mention the after party!
I was part of their entourage as a Maid of Honor and I tasked myself to keep all the stress away from the bride…I don’t know if I did my task successfully but I feel relieved seeing my friend happy that day.
Here are some of the photos taken during the occasion:
These are grabbed photos from friends. Luck was not on my side that day- I failed to bring my SLR charger. Although, I was able to snatch just a few from my cam. So much for being dumb, I didn't bring my other cam (it rhymes, lols), too confident that my SLR can manage...Tsk... of all the things...You can just imagine how I rant about my stupidity. Anyways, I did the editing since I got then all raw and i was so smart to bring my laptop---trying to cheer myself by grabbing all the photos I can possibly grab.
The Groom and The Bride: The Most CHILLAX WEDDING! I award thee!

With the Beautiful Bride. And the photographer branded us as the good-bad example...or a perfect bad example, why? because we are freaking our lungs out during the preparation till the time we're on the church and Mr. photographer was having a grand time accounting that event in his memory machine. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately Caleruega is a smoke free zone and so our lungs got a few hours rest...I love this Girl!

The Entourage and Friends! We come in bundles... We give bundles of joy to each others ^^

Some more RED with some black and white antics!

Our last dinner with Vanity as a Single Lady! We knew from the start that her wedding will be a tough one. First of all it's an out of town event, second its Christmas season and lastly our work schedule vary, but true friends will come no matter what! This is after we arrived at Tagaytay…Honestly we were all scared that the bride will lose her mind the night before her wedding as it turns out she’s more chillax than anyone else…HAHAHA! stress free bride! Chill na Chill just like the weather! It was so cold that night and we had no other choice to but to warm up with some cheap shot vodka!---excuses, excuses!

The preparation before the wedding. I was shaken by the bride that morning at exactly 5am she's telling me to get up coz the baklas (make-up artist) are there already.. and I was cursing myself for drinking that night despite my lack of sleep. I ended up like a walking zombie, oggly eyes and empty head!. Times like that I give praises to coffee and cig they help me pull back my sense...

The Invitation. The money that I'm holding is not part of the invitation...actually I don't know why I have those in my hand...whatever just disregard it, lols!

The After Party was held at Munting Buhangin, Batangas we headed there right after the wedding. Few close friends and family went there to grace the occasion . Had a few drinks and fireworks, so many fireworks to light that night even other guests enjoyed the firework display and of course some got wasted^^ too. It was nice of the couple to have us celebrate their first night as husband and wife.

The morning after! playing with sand and water! It was a good day!

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