Monday, June 27, 2011

Looking Forward to Azkals vs Sri Lanka

You gotta understand that it’s hard to get these tickets because the moment that these ticket was out it was like selling pancakes and during that time June 3 my cousin was out of the country so I have no one to help me purchase these pancakes lol.  They told me that the tickets in 200 and 300 were almost sold out in an hour or so and what was left are the 2000 and 3000 pesos tickets. Lol but I don’t need the 2k and 3k tickets so I have to take chance ^^. So good thing that some who reserved tickets online failed to claim theirs and so I was there in line waiting wootwooh! I got our 6 tickets.

On july 3 the first game to be held in Manila and I would be there to cheer on the boys. I just hope that the weather won’t be moody but give us sunny cheerful day. Let’s all watch and cheer the Azkals. My cousins will all be there too, I’ll be coming with my office friends we'll be all in the same area so I can see myself hopping from one bleacher to another hihihi. I hope we win this. 

Just give me this last 3 days in moody June

Ok, so it’s been like more than a month since I last posted here in mygoodriddance…that was long and annoying. We’ll I won’t rant about how busy my schedule was and yadahyadah, since it’s not new anymore but instead let me just put some random photos of my collection and what not and tell random stories that I can recall. So here it goes:

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