Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daraitan: Open your Eyes!

Summer 2011 is indeed my busiest summer ever. I have gone to the beach, saw some magnificent falls, climbed a beautiful mountain and was finally was able to trek a river. I have to say that once I completed those four journeys there is no stopping. I still have to continue for this growing passion is getting big and I have to swim more seas, climb more mountains, search for more falls and trail on more river.

Daraitan is an easy destination for those who long for natures love, easy access and less strenuous (just don’t count the rock climb/descend). It only took us an hour to reach our destination (haha). Well, they told us (for newbies) sometimes it takes about 2 hours or more before reaching the campsite. Maybe we’re not so new anymore. Maybe that trek had baptized us. Now I’m aiming for a major hike that will touch all the four elements.  

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