Sunday, March 28, 2010


So why do you keep coming back?

So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? HUH???

Yes, I’m lazy and feeling distress for reasons I don’t know. It’s just one of 'em days when everything’s just fine and yet you get this feeling like something is missing. So you look for the source of your distractions and you knew it! it’s that… it's that…darn thing… D*mn it you can’t even shout it out!

So why do you keep coming back? HUH?

I wanted to talk to you just to vent out all my troubles and distraction that’s here but….but I can’t.

WHY??? Because I’m scared…

WHY??? Because I can’t find the reason why…

WHY??? Because I’m so tied up…

WHY??? Because I want it intact…

WHY??? Because it was there all the time…

WHY??? Because I’m tired…

WHY??? Because the reasons are endless…

So why do you keep coming back?

**the bunny haz some emotions too you know. Spot What!


*Credits to the Owner of the Photo

In My Native Tongue

Tagalog is my spoken dialect, before I’ve learned how to speak in English I was raised to speak in Filipino. Unfortunately there are words that are too vague for me to understand, maybe because we don’t use it during normal conversation. So what I did was gather some Tagalog words that I’m interested in finding out the meaning.

Here’s the list

Kaluguran - to love or in love; kapampangan (oh well, I often hear this song when riding taxi)

Naninibugho – Jealousy, to get jealous ( powerful line from Aegis naninibugho ako baby!)

Ngunit- However!

Subalit- But

Datapwa- Therefore!

Manlulupil- conqueror

Marikit- Beautiful, Graceful

Talulot- petal of a flower

Pasisiil- oppressed

Bagabag- Worries, Anxiety

Silakbo- out burst, eruption, outbreak

Balatkayo- to disguise, to mask, camouflage

Matanto- to comprehend or to realize

Mapasaringan- innuendo, implication, to give hint

Pulut-pukyutan- Honey

Pulut-gata- Honeymoon

Maalinsangan- warm, hot, sultry

Mabini- Gentle, Modest

Maaninag- to see

Nakakapagpabagabag- disturbing, troubling, alarming

Hinagpis- Pain,

Nagiiirog- in love, to love

Kagilagilalas- amazing or unbelievable

Nakahandusay- lying like lifeless (DEADZ LOLZ) or fallen flat

Kasulasulasok – Smelly, Foul smelling

Kawiliwili- interesting or exciting

Kumakalam na sikmura- hungry (as in dead hungry! LOLZ)

Matalakay- Topic to talk about or to discuss

Peligroso- Dangerous

Maaninag- To see

Mapagtanto- To figure out or to realize

Yamot- Boredom, annoyance

Liwayway- Ray of light

Hapis- Sad, gloomy, agony

Poot-Anger, Fury, Annoyance

Those words are not commonly use in a normal conversation, you don’t say “honey, nakita ko may ka holding hands ka kanina, naninibugho ako sa poot” or “iniirog kita, sagutin mo na ko please” or “bukas na ang pulot-gata namin woohoo!” or “wag kang magpasiil sa kanila lumaban ka!” it’s like watching tagalized mexican telenovela. I will never forget this line from Marimar: “ayan na ang mga basketbolista” (with delayed lips movement and seductive half opened eyes) that totally send me to Mars. I’m not saying that tagalog is weird or funny, what I’m saying is, there are other words that can be use to replace those profound words in our daily conversation and I must say that our language is very rich we have wide range of words to choose from and just for a little trivia we have 171 dialect here in the Philippines and yet we still understand each other, isn’t that amazing?

I might practice using those words with Wacky HAHAHA! ^^,

**Credits to the owner of the Photo

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