Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Phantom of the Goblet

Last March Wacky and I was invited by Kaye and Kevin to celebrate Genelle’s birthday at Thunder Bird Hotel and Casino, Angono Rizal. That night I have to drop off Wacky back at our place (it’s still a school day), since I was home I decided to take 3 wine glasses from our bar, I told Kaye that I won’t be drinking rum or anything heavy since I haven’t got any sleep. So off we went to buy one bottle of red wine before heading back to the hotel.

We stayed at the room’s veranda since we can’t smoke inside. The guys were drinking rum and cola and we gals are drinking wine, there were only five of us drinking that night. Of course It wouldn’t be normal if I would not be snatching photos of the event, however since both of my cameras battery are dead I borrowed Kaye’s cam. So I was taking pictures of everyone and cam whoring as well, then I took a shot of the wine glass that I was using.

A few days after, Kaye uploaded the photos and she was surprise to see a face in the glass, she called everyone who was there with her and some said it was a man with a mustache, someone even said that it looks like Jesus Christ (thou shall take the name of Lord in vain, Sorry) and she even thought it looks like Che Guevara (I thought so too).

At first I really can’t see the image on the glass, but after showing it to everyone in the house including my two aunts and my mother, that’s the only time I believe that there is really a figure. But I’m a person who don’t easily believe in what can’t be explained by science or by logic I refuse to think that it’s an apparition or some sort of a warning, although everyone in the family is making fun of me, teasing that it’s a sign because I don’t go to church regularly (oh well).

I think there must be some logical explanation as to how that image or that figure was formed. You can clearly see my finger prints if you look closer at the image, the temperature of the wine reacting to the temperature of the glass thus creating moist, the dark background and of course the glare coming from the flash of the camera all contributed to the illusion. But whatever that is, I really don’t buy the idea that it’s supernatural or what not, I’m not someone who would go and shout “I saw a sign” (in the tune of ACE of BASE) or change my way of living because it’s a signal that I’m not living in holiness or I have an afflicted spiritual life or because I don’t go to church regularly and other reasons that I hope not to offend anyone. I know where my faith is and I’m confident that I’m a Christian and I believe in the Holy Trinity.

Anyway just for the fun of it, I think I saw Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara and after zooming out the image I can see Alf (haha). Well, I hope it’s not kulot my friendly guard (kulot is what we call this entity it is coined after some witnesses said it has a curly hair) my friends believed that it has been following me since college. I barely believe in kulot but my ex boyfriends (HAHA only had 3 serious, ok?!^^) claimed that they have seen it in our house. They have the same description under different scenarios of course, someone even saw it standing behind me while I was waiving goodbye and it’s quite an annoyance since it can imitate voice and pretend to be someone. Haven’t heard about kulot for a long time, maybe because I am single (HAHA I’m starting to sound like a freak here). Well, just check the photos.

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