Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to the Pool

I’m getting older and yes, It’s time and I’m ready!…a friend of mine once told me: “if you want to find the right one for you, girl this is the best time”… ok so I’m going back to the pool huh!? How do I get back? Is there a new trend in finding the one? hehehehe

I went to this oh not so cool and not too dull party (I didn’t even drink a lot) a guy approach me with his glimmering smile…he said “Hi! So you are ____ friend?” I said “yeah hi!” (FUSHU! made me feel like in a high school soiree…hahahaha so old school and yet I feel like an amateur).10, 000 dozen questions followed one after another…where do you work? What do you do for a living? Someone even ask what brand of make-up I use (makes me wonder hmmmmmm…make-up?) and someone even ask me to challenge them like how I usually conduct interviews, to throw questions and evaluate if they will pass and so on and so forth.

Funny because some of them are just irresistibly charming…but I have put my guards up... I have to be more alert and inquisitive. Thing is, guys now days are simply deceiving and because of that I have to work double time (can't afford to have another mistake), bringing out the Nancy Drew in me…

First things first, differentiate the Well from the Rotten… How? Get to know them…


Ask anything that will stir up his intellectual juice, ask him why he took that course in college, ask him the most recent book he had read, ask him what kind of music he listens to, ask him how he view politics and know his social awareness lastly, ask him if he knows the Naiver Stoke equation (Joke, don’t ask him the equation part hahaha! unless you want the man to run away as fast as he could).


You have to know if the person is earning his own dough or if the man is a living scrub. If he asks a lot of questions about what you do for a living and what not, then take the liberty in asking the same series of questions. If he refuses to answer or give you a series of zigzag unsure response like “I can’t divulge that info because I work as an undercover to some UFO agency” then chances are he’s a bomb or his trying to construct his answer to make it more appealing. Does it matter how much he earns? (YES hahaha!) Not really, what matter is how well he takes his job and if he’s happy with it.


Ask about the guy’s religion and beliefs because those are the fundamental recipes of all relationship, whether its friendship, business or love. But be careful not to create too much fuss about the subject, you don’t have to convert the guy into your religion (yet HAHA!), and please that’s not a best topic for debate unless you want to annoy that person.


Ask about his family background. What does his parents do for a living? Ask about his sibling and their relationship. Ask about his mother, guys in reality are all fan of their momma and honestly speaking I would go for a 3rd degree momma’s boy than to know that he despise his mother. Make sure that the guy is someone who value Family. Someone would do things first for his Family before his friends.


Make sure that he is in touch with his emotions, observe how he talk to his friends and how he handle the most crucial situation (this comes on the later part), does he communicate his feelings openly with you, If not, you just got yourself a dry ice, congratulations! But again, not too in touch that he would whimper at the scene of sun rising or sob while watching Titanic.


Does your beau handle situation by weighing things or is he the type of a person who would go for spur-of-the-moment. I personally like guys who are spontaneous but only to a certain degree. There are things that can’t be decided by doing mini-mini-my-nimo or rock-paper-scissor or Coin Tossing. I like a man who would lead me or who would give me the pros and cons or who would give sensible advice in whatever decision I make. I would never go for a guy who can’t handle his own sh*t.


Of course don’t expect that everything will be magic, like everything is coincidently a gift from heaven and amazingly same for both of you. You don’t want your man’s to like shopping or going to a beauty parlor grooming for a hobby or those other stuff that we normally do. But it will be an advantage to know what he likes and what he enjoy doing. In some of my forgotten relationship I fail to do this because I was too selfish to let my exs enjoy their own lives, I ruined their identity by making them watch teenybopper movie, making them listen to heavy metal because I don’t listen to RnB (only had 1 BF who listen to that by the way), changing his fashion taste because he looks too jologs (tacky) in his shirts and others that I refuse to remember HAHAHA! Let the guy have his own identity and let him enjoy what he likes doing.

OK don’t panic you don’t need to ask those question or know all of those things right at your first meeting or he’ll might think that you’re an alien from another planet studying male species. As you go along, like if he asks for your number and calls you that the time you hit the red button…be careful never ask question that you yourself cannot answer or the table will just tip over your face. Don’t impress guys. It’s a fact that guys are mostly scared of strong woman, so be subtle and at the same time don't change your list/criteria because of some pretty face.

Important note:You have to hear everything from the horse's mouth. Don’t rely on what your/his friends are telling you otherwise you’ll be banging your head on the wall. Oh well, have a merry hunting and May we all be prosperous in this side life.

I believe that everyone was born with someone to guide them. May we all find the hand that fit ours ^^v

Sunday, March 28, 2010


So why do you keep coming back?

So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? So why do you keep coming back? HUH???

Yes, I’m lazy and feeling distress for reasons I don’t know. It’s just one of 'em days when everything’s just fine and yet you get this feeling like something is missing. So you look for the source of your distractions and you knew it! it’s that… it's that…darn thing… D*mn it you can’t even shout it out!

So why do you keep coming back? HUH?

I wanted to talk to you just to vent out all my troubles and distraction that’s here but….but I can’t.

WHY??? Because I’m scared…

WHY??? Because I can’t find the reason why…

WHY??? Because I’m so tied up…

WHY??? Because I want it intact…

WHY??? Because it was there all the time…

WHY??? Because I’m tired…

WHY??? Because the reasons are endless…

So why do you keep coming back?

**the bunny haz some emotions too you know. Spot What!


*Credits to the Owner of the Photo

In My Native Tongue

Tagalog is my spoken dialect, before I’ve learned how to speak in English I was raised to speak in Filipino. Unfortunately there are words that are too vague for me to understand, maybe because we don’t use it during normal conversation. So what I did was gather some Tagalog words that I’m interested in finding out the meaning.

Here’s the list

Kaluguran - to love or in love; kapampangan (oh well, I often hear this song when riding taxi)

Naninibugho – Jealousy, to get jealous ( powerful line from Aegis naninibugho ako baby!)

Ngunit- However!

Subalit- But

Datapwa- Therefore!

Manlulupil- conqueror

Marikit- Beautiful, Graceful

Talulot- petal of a flower

Pasisiil- oppressed

Bagabag- Worries, Anxiety

Silakbo- out burst, eruption, outbreak

Balatkayo- to disguise, to mask, camouflage

Matanto- to comprehend or to realize

Mapasaringan- innuendo, implication, to give hint

Pulut-pukyutan- Honey

Pulut-gata- Honeymoon

Maalinsangan- warm, hot, sultry

Mabini- Gentle, Modest

Maaninag- to see

Nakakapagpabagabag- disturbing, troubling, alarming

Hinagpis- Pain,

Nagiiirog- in love, to love

Kagilagilalas- amazing or unbelievable

Nakahandusay- lying like lifeless (DEADZ LOLZ) or fallen flat

Kasulasulasok – Smelly, Foul smelling

Kawiliwili- interesting or exciting

Kumakalam na sikmura- hungry (as in dead hungry! LOLZ)

Matalakay- Topic to talk about or to discuss

Peligroso- Dangerous

Maaninag- To see

Mapagtanto- To figure out or to realize

Yamot- Boredom, annoyance

Liwayway- Ray of light

Hapis- Sad, gloomy, agony

Poot-Anger, Fury, Annoyance

Those words are not commonly use in a normal conversation, you don’t say “honey, nakita ko may ka holding hands ka kanina, naninibugho ako sa poot” or “iniirog kita, sagutin mo na ko please” or “bukas na ang pulot-gata namin woohoo!” or “wag kang magpasiil sa kanila lumaban ka!” it’s like watching tagalized mexican telenovela. I will never forget this line from Marimar: “ayan na ang mga basketbolista” (with delayed lips movement and seductive half opened eyes) that totally send me to Mars. I’m not saying that tagalog is weird or funny, what I’m saying is, there are other words that can be use to replace those profound words in our daily conversation and I must say that our language is very rich we have wide range of words to choose from and just for a little trivia we have 171 dialect here in the Philippines and yet we still understand each other, isn’t that amazing?

I might practice using those words with Wacky HAHAHA! ^^,

**Credits to the owner of the Photo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mushy Cheese Explosion

WARNING: This post has the cheesiest and mushiest entry so read with caution. Squishiness, nausea and series of vomiting may be experience. Feel free to whack your head after reading.

Things that I would like to do for MY MAN

Massage his back after a long tiring day

Wake up early and watch him sleep until he yawns and reach for me.

Sing and play my guitar until he gets tired of listening to my voice.

Fix his collar and tie and hand him his hanky before going to work.

Watch whatever he enjoys watching (I hope he enjoys Myth Busters, ah… whatever will do).

Prepare coffee and toast in the morning for him.

Give him butterfly kisses at night and a kiss in the nose in the morning.

Read his favorite book and discuss what’s interesting in that book.

Contradict his opinion to entice intellectual conversation.

Play dorky to make him laugh.

Cook his favorite food and snacks.

Nag only in a cute manner.

Compliment his hair, smiles and eyes.

Buy his medicine when his not feeling well.

Back him up and support him from doing the things that he wants.

Laugh with him and our silliness till we drop and roll on the floor.

Encourage his competitive streak by not losing to him.

Join his random silliness chain of thoughts with evil grin. BWAHAHAHA!

Things that I want MY MAN to do for me

Let me sleep until I get tired of sleeping with his arms wrap around me.

Read my favorite book or recite my poem.

Let me win in whatever games we have. (Sometime)

Go on a road trip with me and be spontaneous.

Sneak food a night for me. Food Trip Partner.

Smile when I feel down or tickle me when I feel cranky.

Teach me more guitar techniques (if he knows how to play the guitar).

Learn how to play the guitars for me HAHAHA.

Sing w/ me in a karaoke without minding what other people are saying.

Massage my head when I’m having a migraine.

Buy me medicine when I’m sick.

Tell me in my face if I’m acting stupid without hesitation.

Give me surprises every now and then.

Wear the clothes that I think will suit him (we better have the same taste in fashion LOL).

Compliment me in little ways like “you’re a good cook”, “your hair smells good”, “you look nice in that dress” because every woman wants a man who complements their beau.

Caress my hair to calm me down when I’m panicking.

Lastly, never forget any important dates like anniversaries or birthdays.

Oh man, that’s almost near to perfection. My future man might not be able to do everything that I want and I might also fail to do the things that he wants. I just love listing things and who knows one day my knight in shining armor will come to my rescue and complete my list! Wishful thinking!

Now don’t blame me if you’re experiencing goose bumps all over your body, remember that I’ve started this post with warnings. Now whack your heads!

**Credits to the owner of the photo.

Out from the Wreckage

2007 was not good year for me. It was the toughest year I’ve ever been, a lot of emotions were poured over and it lasted until 2008. If I’ll be writing an episode of the spiral experience I’ve been through this blog space will not be enough.

What I want to write down are the things that I have learned over those experiences. I refuse to go into details with those episodes, not because it will bring back whatever pain or regrets I had but because it is not necessary anymore. See the title “out from the wreckage”, isn’t that a little positive than saying “In a wreckage”?

In every experience it is necessary for us to clear our minds so we can digest the entire lesson. It is important that we learn from our mistake, the wrong moves, the wrong decisions and wrong perception to avoid same mistake in the future. If we fail to take note of those valuable lessons, I’m pretty sure in one way or the other it will come back to us in circles. Let’s be wise.

Lesson learned:

Love your self more than anyone else

You can’t truly love someone without loving yourself first. You have to appreciate the person that is you before giving the same appreciation to anyone else. It is not selfishness to think of you first before the person next to you. I have learned to love myself just enough to make me believe that I’m a good lovable person.

Think before saying anything.

Words are very powerful. It can destroy or bring back a person to life. Someone told me this a few months ago after a long heated argument “I know what you are about to say so spare me those words…word is something you can’t take back, once it slip out of your mouth It will be in my head so don’t say it” I was dumbfounded at how it was delivered to me I didn’t know how powerful my words are.

Don’t over do your action

You know how we foolishly laugh when we watch actors exaggerating their scene, it a little annoying and it’s not convincing at all. Do it naturally, express it once then move forward.


Learn to respect others. Ok it’s following the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” easy to say but it’s not easy to follow. If you don’t want to be rip off then don’t rip off others.


Trust is a word that if you’ll be asking me to describe, I’ll describe it as DARKNESS. I’m not being negative, isn’t it true that when you trust someone it’s like asking that person to walk you in the dark or lead your way while your eyes are close? Trust and believe those people you love and who loves you, if they ask for it then give it, but before doing so look at the first lesson above.

Paranoia will destroy you

Yes it will. It will make your head go crazy. It will make you the worst person. It will exhibit the most irrational and delusional person in you. Paranoia will bring you to madness. It’s an anxiety disorder therefore you’ll never have that peace of mind inside you.

Don’t be obsess with orderly

You’re life will not be as valuable as now if you have never experience disarrange. I was obsessed on how I can live my life in peace and order. I want everything to be in accordance to what the society has portrayed for us. Books taught us those stages in life but the obstacles that we are to face on those levels were not clearly stated. WE ARE NOT PERFECT. We can’t control circumstances from appearing in our daily routine, we are not living in a box.

Pray, do it will all you heart

Stop blaming everything to him. Give him a break. It was you who made those decisions, it was you who took those steps, it was you who choose that side, it was you who said those words and so on and so forth. Why ask him why? Why say that he’s not on your side? Why say that he has abandoned you? Start praying with all you heart, ask him for guidance, ask him to give you the peace that you need but never blame him for all the mistake that you commit. And please stop asking like he’s a genie who would grant all of your wishes and cry like a spoiled kid when things don’t come your way. He has his own way, so pray for you’ll be enlightened.

You are not invincible

I thought I was! I’m a person who somehow gets what I like but my experience has taught me that I’m not spared from the normality in life. I am not invincible. I should stop bragging about things that will make others think that they are less or in a mess. I’m just like anyone else.

Pay attention and have patience

There are reasons why those trials are given to you. Just wait and see you might be in that wreckage now and think that it’s the end for you but let me tell you this THAT IS NOT YOUR ENDING. Things will pass and you will see a better meaning to why it has come to you. Don’t be impatient, I’m not saying that you should not mind what’s going on, but learn from the experience and pay attention to the view while you’re driving your way to your destination.

Forgive but never forget

Forgive those who have done you wrong but never forget what was done wrong unto you. You will never learn if you keep on forgetting how it feels to be in that situation and you will never advance if you keep on forgetting your lesson. Isn’t it the reason why our professors’ give us quizzes is for us not to forget their lessons? So let’s apply that in our lives, forgive and move on but never forget what was taught.

We’re just on the first quarter of the year but it seems like everything is making sense now. I believe that 2010 is my year and I’m going to make the best out of it. I hope I’ll be able to help someone with this post. I’m not a therapist or a councilor but I’ve been through the wreckage and I have learned my lesson, as much as I don’t want anyone to experience what I’ve been through, I know that we have no control over our circumstances so let’s just take note and enjoy the lesson.

Friday, March 26, 2010

All Rice UP! Let em Die-et!

October was the last time I ate a full set meal. I’ve been in a death diet since then, no rice; yes that’s my new diet scheme.

Since my good old loving metabolism is working lazy and in procrastination mode I have to aid it by not taking too much carbohydrates, my diet now consist of Banana and whatever viand or main dish available at our table. I’m a very fussy eater, so I don’t just eat whatever is serve, I pick from smell, color and texture but since I’m not a rice eater anymore I have to fill myself with those weird looking veggies, otherwise I’ll die of starvation.

I tried running but it just won’t work (at least for me), my schedule is ever changing and most of the time I lack sleep, so running won’t just be healthy for me, I’ll die of exhaustion and collapse before I finish. So I quit the marathon.

I’m pressured on how I can lose those unwanted fats (exaggerating a little bit here), I’ve always been skinny but I guess when you reach certain age, losing those weight is not easy. My mother who is ever supportive of my diet, thus giving me remarks like “your face is bloated” (apparently that’s my check bone mother) or “if you wont stop eating your body will be like that girl on TV” or “your hips are getting big” and other remarks that scares the hell out of me and makes me feel that I should join anorexia nervosa anonymous (Joking). I’m on the verge of killing myself from not eating (Super Joking Here).Girls, please don’t do that.

My advice for those who are in a diet, try to look for the best diet scheme that will suit your life style. Plus:

Never Skip Meals ~ I never skip meals but I refuse to eat rice. I fill my tummy with banana, boiled potato, sweet potatoes or bread to keep me balance. minimal amount intake, everything out of moderation is bad.

Exercise~ Tone your body. Burn, Baby Burn! I still run every once in a while (when out of zombie land).

Cut down on sugar~ Before I went on a diet I was happily indulging myself with cakes, chocolates, ice cream, soda and pastries. Dude, that will all go down to your hips and tummy, so quit eating too much sugar.

Stop binge eating~ Rest your effin’ mouth. Drop all that junkies from your drawer and stop stashing junk foods. No ninja eating o_0!

Drink lots of water~ It cleanses your system. I’ve cut down my alcohol intake (me alcohol= water HAHAHA!)

FOCUS and Discipline~ you will need tons and tons of that…I’m still tempted to eat rice from time to time, so I have to remind myself of those unwanted fats in my tummy.

Note: Rice is not fattening, actually it has no fats at all, as in zero fats. But it is a good source of Carbohydrates plus it also has starch on it, so it’s not good for people who are in a diet. If you can’t totally get rid of those grains my suggestion is to measure the amount that you eat, 1 small cup will do.

Now if your aim is to be a sumo wrestler then eat one bucket per meal. (^^,)v peace!

So Good Luck Everyone! Let’s All Rice DOWN!

2nd NOTE: Kindly excuse the photo above. That's just a little flare of vanity HAHAHA!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What goes in a mind of a Dorkette?

Before I start let us discuss the word Dorkette.

Dorkette: from the root word DORK.

Dork: Often used interchangeably with nerd or geek.

Dorks are typically more noted for their quirky personality and behavior rather than their interests or IQ which may or may not be on level with traditional geeks or nerds. They tend to be more humorous and extroverted and don't mind laughing at themselves or with others at themselves, as the case may be.
After the 1990s, the term dork tended to specifically refer to a person who often shared the characteristics of geeks or nerds but were not ostracized as a result. Also, while old school geeks and nerds tend to continue to accept an "outsider" status and maintain an elite club mentality amongst themselves, dorks generally tend to do the opposite, hence a current preference with the mainstream for dorks over geeks or nerds.

Dorkette: the feminine term for a dork.

A dorkette MUST be an ATTRACTIVE female dork. A NON-ATTRACTIVE female dork is called a "dorkus". Super cool girls defined as dorks, nerds, geeks, or freaks, who are geniuses in many subjects, love anime, play music, and have thriving social lives. Not to mention they're pretty. The Dorkettes is a name we coined for us due to our often irrational and socially frowned upon behavior.

Dorkus: A person who is too far beyond the normal dork. They have taken the dorkdum to a whole new level. A dork to the extreme or an extremely foolish person. Usually used in the term "Dorkus Maximus", but can be used alone.

Dorky: adjective dork·i·er, dork·i·est. Slang

Meaning One: To act 'silly', 'foolish', 'stupidly' or in other words to act like a dork.
Meaning Two: Dorky is a WinBoard computer chess program for Windows.

NOTE* 1/2 Dork/ Dorkette are people who has odd interests, and is often silly at times, who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.

NOTE*2/2 Dork: a whale penis

ei. The blue whale has the biggest dork on earth…HAHAHA!

(source: urbandictionary)

So what’s the point?

NOTHING! Dorkus Maximus! YAH!


The Death of Humdrumness

They say that you control your own life. If you complain that you’re not happy, it’s because you decide to feel that way. If you’re miserable with the uniformity in your life, it’s because you select the same path all the time. If you keep on saying that you’re tired with all work and no play, it’s because you refuse to welcome fun and excitement in the things that you do. In one way or another we are all bored because we refuse to whip the soul inside us.

I myself is in that humdrum cycle, I’ve always felt that I am lacking because I don’t see the thrill in what I do anymore. I was born as a thrill seeker (ARIES ARE), I never settle for the easy path I rather choose the rough road. I’m a person who would deviate to what everyone agrees upon. I’m a person who only believes in those who have the same thinking as mine. I hate to be ordinary, I hate to blend in. But when you age, your goals, ideas and the way you perceive things also age along with you. My dilemma is how to break the monotony in my life without causing damage.

Deciphering the puzzles on how I can bring back the adventure in my life is not easy. I have limited network of friends now, (friends come and go, yes, they do most of the time, and only few remain over the years) so gimmicks are not an option and my focus is on another level. I said: I have to earn all the darn money there is., so involving money is another no-no. Changing Career is also not an option but I have to put life back into my life…

Tadah!!! Ideas flashing…Lamest Ideas that would somehow bring me back in my world. Without too much effort or change in what I do.

I’m starting this project 52 weeks and 365 days: A SOS to Humdrumness~ A Break from Monotony.

52 weeks will be a compilation of my videos playing the guitar with whatever songs I have in mind (Dang! that’s 52 songs). I’ll be doing this every Monday or whenever I have a spare time in a week. My videos will be called “DORKETTECOVERTVERSION” the reason for doing this is because I don’t want my guitar skills to wither, with the hope that this will inspire and motivate me to practice my guitar skills. It will only be available in my facebook account because youtube is too effin’ overrated (sorry), I just don’t want to join the crowd and I would rather have the most honest opinion coming from real people I know.

356 days will be my compilation of expressive photos or concept photos. I will post it (again) in my facebook account. It will not be like my usual photos that you see. I may play a little bit, dragging myself to conceptualize a presentation for the viewers to perceive how I feel and challenging myself with what I can do in a more artistic level. Nope, I may not put it in flicker, for the same reasons that I have with youtube, it can’t be easily accessible to anyone. I have enough photos running around the net and that’s more than enough to satisfy the worlds lacking (HAHAHA) for pungent taste! (Project starts on April 12. Em’ on the process of gathering all resources).

Anyways, I hope everyone will support me in this folly. For some who would give a “duh” reaction, OH EFFIN’ PLEASE! To hell with how you feel, it’s my way of bringing back life into my life, I don’t expect anyone to join the ride and…oh! Just so you know I won’t have it your way. But just incase you feel you’re lacking in some…come on! I have extra seats for you! Let’s go chuga-chuga choo-choo! Whoopsy!

(Crossing fingers in those two projects…Oh please give me the patience and courage to face all the effin’ challenges there are. May I not know the word PROCRASTINATION; let it be far from me=))

Suggestions are welcome, I’m all ears 0(^o,^)0== Hit it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Z Siblings

Z is the twenty-sixth and final letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. In American English, its name is zee /ˈziː/, deriving from a late 17th century English dialectal form.

I've always wondered how our parents came up with our nick names. You see, our given name’s origin is quite easy to identify, just like any kids who were born in late 70’s and early 80’s we are named after our grandparents. What makes me wonder is how they came up with the idea of putting the letter Z in our nicks?

Ok, since I have already opened up my name here and revealed the person behind mygoodriddance, my name is LEVZ, now I have to name my brothers, they are twins, and their nicks are ZEY & RENZ.

Now you might be asking, so what the hell is wrong with that? It’s not even a big deal….

Yeah, right! I’m just ranting because I don’t have anything to write about (Smirk… LOL).

Of course it’s a big deal!…let me tell you this, I have friends whose been with me for years, and until now they can’t properly spell my name, common mistake LEVS or LEBS and some go beyond by calling LEVI, LEBY even LEVIS (yeah, the jeans). Same goes with my brothers, Zey would often be spelled as SAY, I remember when we were kids his basketball jersey’s name was SAY (isn’t that sad?), Renz would often be spelled as Rence.

You see, it saddens me when I receive a gift and my name is not spelled right (sorry), it defeats the sincerity of the giver. I hate it when I have to repeat my name 3x when ordering coffee because the barista can’t simply get it… worst part is, they usually put the name DEBS in my coffee, of course, I wouldn’t look when they’re calling me, because they’re calling the wrong name. I hate it when they leave a message or send me a text or post a shout out and they start with “Levs or Lebs or Lebby, blah, blah, blah” and just right on top of their post you will see my profile with my name spelled right.

Honestly, I like the uniqueness of my name. I feel good because I was not named like any other kids. Unlike other kids whose names are very common that when someone calls them you’ll hear 2-3 kids replying. They said, for you to be successful in life you have to love your own name. I totally dig that! I am proud of my name it’s just that I hope people will pay more attention.

I’ve ask our mudra why they’ve put the letter Z in our name, she said it just came to them in random thoughts, there’s really no particular reason…Now I know where I got my randomness…

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pet Peeves: Annoyance at Its Finest

Things that annoys the hell out of me:

Guys who sleep inside the FX and lean their head on your shoulder.

~Annoyance to the maximum level, those people who doze off and bang their head all over the place, it’s ok to sleep, but please, be considerate of those who are sitting beside you. One time there was this guy who effin’ lean on my shoulder because he so effin’ sleepy, and I swear to Gwad that I almost punch his face after nudging him 3x.

Rude and Gloomy Restaurant/ Food chain Crew.

~ Although I never experience working in a restaurant I know that crews should always be smiling and willing to extend a helping hand, that’s very basic in sales and marketing. It annoys me when I encounter rude and sour looking crews. Smile, it makes the food that you serve tastier. If you don't like what you're doing, give yourself and the restaurant a huge favor..Quit Dw*ngyaw!

Sales ladies who follow you like a dog.

~ The very moment you step inside their shop they come crawling and wiggling their tails at your back, then you start selecting from the rack and they give you every single detail of the item that you are holding. ANNOYING! I feel pressured and obligated to buy something, like their telling me “I’m watching you.” I don’t know about you guys, but I step out side the store the moment I see some signs. I hate that they follow me when I’m not even asking for help. I guess just a warm welcome and a smile is enough for me to stay and at least purchase something.

People who pick their nose in public.

~Gwad, why would you dial your nose in public when rotary phone is already phase-out? Man, this is the twentieth century; everyone’s using a touch tone phone. HAHAHA! Kidding aside, that is not a nice sight to see. Disgusting period! I hate it when you filthily flick your catch! Darn! No words can describe my annoyance on you!

Touchy people.

~I’m not a very touchy person so I don’t like being touch. I hate it when someone would talk to me and grab my hands or my arms, tap my shoulder or stroke my head until they finish talking. If we’re not really close I would really die of annoyance. I would only grab the arms of my closest friends when crossing the streets, or touch only those who I really trust and those I’ve been with since time in memorial.

People who cry just for the sake of sympathy

No need to explain. They are the melo dramatic addict insane drama queen~ Boohoo I’ll make you cry till you run out of water in your tear duct and till your saliva comes out of your eyes! Yikes!

Plastic Fantastic People

~ They’re the ones who will give you the warmest smile in the world, but wait till you turn your back Hahaha! They’ll turn into murmuring Golum…Tsk Tsk!

Human Farting Machine

I just hate those that fart everywhere and don’t even excuse themselves. Effin’ hate you with passion. And you think we don’t have enough air pollution in this country!? Hayz! I don’t wanna know the smell of longganisa after processing it in you stomach. Gross, I can’t even describe how I feel for those people.

K.I.A. (Know. It. All. People)

~ They’re the ones who knows, have been, was able, have experienced, have knowledge, have been there, have done that, me too, I can, I am, and etc. whatever you say won’t matter because they’ve been there and they’ve done that, they KNOW IT ALL and your knowledge doesn’t even amount to half of what they know. Sometimes I wanna ask those people if they have experience jumping off a 20 feet story building…who knows they might jump off and go!

That’s all for now folks, I’m sure some of you share the same sentiments…I still have few more to add but I’m running out of time and this is becoming a very long post. I don’t want to bore anyone. I’ll post a part two some other time.

My Good Riddance to those who was mentioned above, you guys effin’ irk the hell out of me.

Please allow me to say this: I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to be decent, so do your part.

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