Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flu Vaccination: Ouchy

A few weeks ago we had our first flue vaccination in our company. I'm so glad that our company cares and they are giving us protection against flu infection.

According to wikipedia: "Influenza vaccination is the most effective method for preventing influenza virus infection and its potentially severe complications."

Of course I wanted to document the occasion so I brought with me my ever reliable camera. To my surprise I learned that a lot of people are really scared of the needle. I took some shots of my co employee particularly my agents who are all jumpy and unsteady...take a look!
The girls are having a hard time covering their faces to hide fear, they all anticipate the pain.

Trying hard to control, relax at first but breaks down after the prick...
The guys looks more relax but looking at their faces it seems like they are just reassuring them selves that this won't hurt plus the fact that I was taking their pics they know that the have to maintain their machismo...hahaha! I know I was annoying at that time...errr...sorry folks!

Of course they won't spare me...their sweet revenge...and I have to say "damn, it hurts!"it was a good and ouchy time...we are protected for a year at least, until next year!

My Good Riddance to Mr. Needle...We'll be battling with you again next year...sometimes it takes a little pain to be safe!

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