Monday, March 22, 2010

The Z Siblings

Z is the twenty-sixth and final letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. In American English, its name is zee /ˈziː/, deriving from a late 17th century English dialectal form.

I've always wondered how our parents came up with our nick names. You see, our given name’s origin is quite easy to identify, just like any kids who were born in late 70’s and early 80’s we are named after our grandparents. What makes me wonder is how they came up with the idea of putting the letter Z in our nicks?

Ok, since I have already opened up my name here and revealed the person behind mygoodriddance, my name is LEVZ, now I have to name my brothers, they are twins, and their nicks are ZEY & RENZ.

Now you might be asking, so what the hell is wrong with that? It’s not even a big deal….

Yeah, right! I’m just ranting because I don’t have anything to write about (Smirk… LOL).

Of course it’s a big deal!…let me tell you this, I have friends whose been with me for years, and until now they can’t properly spell my name, common mistake LEVS or LEBS and some go beyond by calling LEVI, LEBY even LEVIS (yeah, the jeans). Same goes with my brothers, Zey would often be spelled as SAY, I remember when we were kids his basketball jersey’s name was SAY (isn’t that sad?), Renz would often be spelled as Rence.

You see, it saddens me when I receive a gift and my name is not spelled right (sorry), it defeats the sincerity of the giver. I hate it when I have to repeat my name 3x when ordering coffee because the barista can’t simply get it… worst part is, they usually put the name DEBS in my coffee, of course, I wouldn’t look when they’re calling me, because they’re calling the wrong name. I hate it when they leave a message or send me a text or post a shout out and they start with “Levs or Lebs or Lebby, blah, blah, blah” and just right on top of their post you will see my profile with my name spelled right.

Honestly, I like the uniqueness of my name. I feel good because I was not named like any other kids. Unlike other kids whose names are very common that when someone calls them you’ll hear 2-3 kids replying. They said, for you to be successful in life you have to love your own name. I totally dig that! I am proud of my name it’s just that I hope people will pay more attention.

I’ve ask our mudra why they’ve put the letter Z in our name, she said it just came to them in random thoughts, there’s really no particular reason…Now I know where I got my randomness…

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