Monday, October 4, 2010

As wreck as you think you are not!

Hahaha! I can’t help but laugh silently whenever I see people who are so darn hypocrite trying to live a lavida loca life huh?! Dang I feel bad for them and they have no way to go but out! Oh and those few who believe and goes with their “I-see-it-is- real”~ ooops it’s a REEL!

It’s frustrating me because I don’t see their real heart or maybe that’s not it. It’s because I know exactly who they are and what’s in their heart and I feel sorry to those who surrounds them and think that they are seeing that person’s legitimacy or content! Errrrr! WRONG! It’s a now you see and darn! you see more…more…more! More of the slicker skin!

It’s a NO, not your fairytale Baby! Fairies doesn’t exist, nor prince charming, no unicorns and what rainbow bubbles? Tsk! Wake up baby before I burst your bubbles!

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