Thursday, October 27, 2011

Polka Wars!

Polka Wars is ready for the BIG war! When I got a notification asking me to listen to Polka War’s new music-- I was amazed, first of all the band came from another country Jakarta, Indonesia, I was thinking how they came to my info. Recently or since late last year,  my interest in music has widen in range as I listen to various music coming from all parts of the world particularly indie music from Southeast Asia. My desire to listen started when I got to hear just one band, then comes my search for more.

As I listen to this band Polka Wars, It reminded me so much of the era here in the Philippines when Rock/Punk/Alternative/New Wave still rules the radio. Deans December, Ethnic Faces, The Jerks and Violent Playground played in my mind, I know a lot of Filipino can relate to that.

There are two songs available at Soundcloud, Coraline and Horse Hooves, and this is what I have to say. The intro of Coraline made me stop and pay attention, the solid voice that comes  with the upbeat melody and the guitar riffs and cuts during the chorus is very dominant. Coraline is a very powerful song, catchy, and the mixture of jazz (as presented by a sax) at the later part of the song is a lethal mixture, it even out the heaviness of the song thus creating balance. On the other hand, Horse Hooves is a very subtle song, mysterious in type. I love listening to music that is mainly composed of emotions or can stir the emotions of the listener, and Horse Hooves promised that kind of melody. Once again the vocal arrangement played a great role in this song. What send me to interest are the lyrics of the song, although as of this time I’m still searching for it and what I got is only the teaser. But the guitar, bass and effects use, plus the timing, and how they collide to a melody is very pleasing in this track. It gives me a feeling of sailing a calm sea. What I like about the two songs is the range and flexibility of their sound. It doesn’t stick to one format.

All in all Polka Wars is a band to watch out for. You guys can visit them at their Facebook Account and Soundcloud or follow them at Twitter (just click on the hot link). The band is still on the process of completing an EP (I hope I get a free copy hahaha, Hello Polka Wars!).  I hope they can create more music and entice more listeners to open their ears. Cheers to Polka Wars and to your Great Music!

Listen to POLKA WARS:

Horse Hooves (teaser) by polkawarsmusic

Karaeng Putra Adjie: lead vocals, guitar
Giovanni Rahmadeva: drums, vocals
Xandega Tahajuansya: bass guitar, vocals
Billy Saleh: guitar, vocals

OH! And yes! I'm back from a long hiatus--Well, I was busy running around this so called "life" hahaha! I'll be back for more! Have a great life, you guys!

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