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Levz is a Filipina Blogger currently living in Cainta, she loves her Family and Wacky.

An Aries and a Martial Law Baby.

Half of her life is spend listening to music. She learned how to play lyre when she was 9,  she plays guitar and bass during her college and early professional life. She was once a member of a various band playing bass or doing vocals playing different genre from Trip Hop, Trash Music, Death Metal, Alternative, Reggae, Punk Ska, Ska and Rock Steady. She fell in love with Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Bice and Shugo Tokamaru. All in all she listens and respects all types of music.

The other part of her life is spend on working as a marketing manager in a telecom company at Makati, Reading books by Paolo Coelho and Bob Ong (just a few of her favorite author). She loves Lord of the Rings even watch the old cartoon adaptation. Most of the times you would catch her reading biographies and autobiographies hoping that one day she’ll be as famous as those. She would dress differently but definitely not a trendsetter, but more of an eccentric dresser. She would spend money buying clothes and collecting thing. Parts of her collections are hats (which are now more than 30 in numbers), shoes, jackets, accessories and DVD.

She cooks but will never chop and grind. She will never clean her room. She’s never good at video games. She drinks but avoid passing out, she denies that she is an alcoholic but everyone else think she is. She smoke and wish to stop the bad habit, consequently failed over and over in quitting. She loves California maki, bibimbap, seafood and adobo. She would party if she has extra time and will be glad to create events for her friends. She is single but still thinking if she’s ready to mingle, lol (I heard her scremming saying she’s ready, JOKE). She loves Wacky and she thinks that Wacky is the major reason for her existence.

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