Monday, December 5, 2011

Thou Shall Not Steal ---PHOTOS!?

I will let you guys know why we should not steal photos or put a watermarks at  the images that we do not own. There are few people who need to be educated on this matter. I’ve seen great photos posted at facebook, twitter, tumblr and whatnot, and it bothers me that some just carelessly put watermarks as if they own the photos. Internet is a fascinating world; everything is spoon-fed, available or just a few clicks away. Internet is designed to make everything accessible, we are being spoiled with all the information we can get and if you happened to encounter someone who is as curious as me, well chances are, you might end up being busted, hehe .

I know a lot of people who are really amazing in taking stills with their camera and I commend them, with all praises. So, aside from what I have stated above, this also aims to educate or to give tiny bits of information to some photo enthusiast by being careful in sharing their craft and how to research (just in case they don't know this yet). Unfortunately, I also fail on this (I'm very amateur in photography though), as I carelessly post my photos without even marking or sealing it, with that I risk the chance of my photos being stolen by someone.

So to cut it all short, I want to introduce GOOGLE IMAGE. Google Image is a service provide by Goggle. Yes Google, if you see the image icon or word located at the upper part of your Google screen, then that’s what I’m talking about. Check out the image (or better yet, go to Goggle and click the "Image"):

Google Image can help you search for images in the web. It will give you the sites where that image was used or taken.  Just drag the photo that you wish to locate and let Google do the searching for you. Just like so:

And the result! Tadah!

As you can see in the Image above, the photo that I dragged from my Facebook account is the same photo I've use here in Blogspot and Tumblr. I used it as a header therefore Google has identified that image and matched it with both of my accounts. You can also try and search for more popular or less popular photos and see where it takes you, because I tried using it and so far it hasn't failed me. One thing I noticed though, your original photos posted in Facebook or Twitter will not be recognized, unless you copied or posted it in your Facebook from another source. And so, If you have photos and you wish to know if those are being used in a website or a blog or if you want to know if that photo is originally from someone, then that’s the best tool that you can use. But if you wish to search thoroughly or you want a more advance tool, then you can also try TinEye.

TinyEye is an Image Search Engine developed for that special need, it can give you details of an image or a page containing an image. It will search for the other usage of the image, the time of their appearance including modified image based on the original image posted and so on.

I’m not really sure if there’s a violation for the people who steal photos in the internet. as far as I’m concern the internet culture doesn’t stop anyone from reposting images found in the web, but there are some ethical internet users who are good in giving credits, they link back the photos to the site of the owner or they mention the name or at least note that the photo is not theirs. What I do know is, ethically speaking, we should not put watermarks or claim photos under our name if it is not our original. If we find a photo amazing or good then maybe we can repost it even without giving credits,(if we really don’t have time to search for it or whatever reasons we have) just don’t steal recognition from someone. On the other hand, if you are an aspiring photographer aiming to earn from what you are doing, it is important to make the necessary protection for your craft. alrighty!?

So that’s it, that’s all I have for today I hope we can all be careful or at least let’s not make a fool out of ourselves by being stupid, hehehe. Don’t watermark the photos that are not yours, don’t claim something that others work hard on. Live an honest life by exploring your talent, we are all gifted. We just need to put more passion in what we are doing!

Live a great life everyone ^^

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hamilo Coast Beach Bumming!

Last October 2, my friends and I decided to pack our things and check the beach. I have a friend who knows someone who owns a unit in Hamilo Coast, so my good friend got us a pass to stay at the exclusive beach club, hehe!

The trip was 3-4 hours drive from Manila. We were facing a bad weather so we have to be extra careful on the road. On the way we made some stopover at Tagaytay to buy all of the stuffs that we will need. It was cold and foggy that day, we arrived in Tagaytay at 2 in the afternoon and it seriously looks like 6pm, and it was raining on and off. But we were being mischievous taking pictures and having fun, not minding the bad weather and time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Doddle Oodles of Noodles

Few days before our Halloween party I was approached to help in designing the place for our celebration. At first Mutya was asking for the white gown, the gown I wore last 2009. I said, what for? She said she’ll hang it as a display. I told her, well, our party’s theme is cosplay and we should follow that theme. So I suggested another idea.

My idea is to create a back draft for the party and design it with doodles. Kawaii doodles of modern but cartoonish type of drawings. And since it was my suggestion she asked me a favor to do it, which I merrily accepted since I love doodling-- a lot. So I search for some ideas and patterns to follow and I found some drafts upon searching here on the internet.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I said I’ll be back here at mygoodriddance right? didn’t I? Ain’t it? Hahaha! OK, so just recently we had our Halloween party. Just like any other companies who'd go through the tradition annually, we so-so have that too! Lol I wanna look back and see how I came up with the last three years.

Scary Theme’ 2009 I came up as a white lady. My costume came from my mom, she had this gown hidden in her closet and as you could see it’s really scary but mind you guys during the 70’s her gown is the “IT” thing! She can be called fabulous just wearing her immaculate white gown.

Fantasy’ 2010 I spend a little time with this it’s a tutu and I had it customized, by saying that I meant I spend money. It was created by one of my friend’s couturier. I top it with a white racerback and accessorized it with a colorful necklace and flower laced headband. My idea was to come as a ballerina with chunky heels hahaha.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Polka Wars!

Polka Wars is ready for the BIG war! When I got a notification asking me to listen to Polka War’s new music-- I was amazed, first of all the band came from another country Jakarta, Indonesia, I was thinking how they came to my info. Recently or since late last year,  my interest in music has widen in range as I listen to various music coming from all parts of the world particularly indie music from Southeast Asia. My desire to listen started when I got to hear just one band, then comes my search for more.

As I listen to this band Polka Wars, It reminded me so much of the era here in the Philippines when Rock/Punk/Alternative/New Wave still rules the radio. Deans December, Ethnic Faces, The Jerks and Violent Playground played in my mind, I know a lot of Filipino can relate to that.

There are two songs available at Soundcloud, Coraline and Horse Hooves, and this is what I have to say. The intro of Coraline made me stop and pay attention, the solid voice that comes  with the upbeat melody and the guitar riffs and cuts during the chorus is very dominant. Coraline is a very powerful song, catchy, and the mixture of jazz (as presented by a sax) at the later part of the song is a lethal mixture, it even out the heaviness of the song thus creating balance. On the other hand, Horse Hooves is a very subtle song, mysterious in type. I love listening to music that is mainly composed of emotions or can stir the emotions of the listener, and Horse Hooves promised that kind of melody. Once again the vocal arrangement played a great role in this song. What send me to interest are the lyrics of the song, although as of this time I’m still searching for it and what I got is only the teaser. But the guitar, bass and effects use, plus the timing, and how they collide to a melody is very pleasing in this track. It gives me a feeling of sailing a calm sea. What I like about the two songs is the range and flexibility of their sound. It doesn’t stick to one format.

All in all Polka Wars is a band to watch out for. You guys can visit them at their Facebook Account and Soundcloud or follow them at Twitter (just click on the hot link). The band is still on the process of completing an EP (I hope I get a free copy hahaha, Hello Polka Wars!).  I hope they can create more music and entice more listeners to open their ears. Cheers to Polka Wars and to your Great Music!

Listen to POLKA WARS:

Horse Hooves (teaser) by polkawarsmusic

Karaeng Putra Adjie: lead vocals, guitar
Giovanni Rahmadeva: drums, vocals
Xandega Tahajuansya: bass guitar, vocals
Billy Saleh: guitar, vocals

OH! And yes! I'm back from a long hiatus--Well, I was busy running around this so called "life" hahaha! I'll be back for more! Have a great life, you guys!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seasonal Blues- Writers Block

Lately I've been having this trouble with my self, I can’t get my head straight thus having this writers block. I wonder what’s going on... I've lost my vigor for taking photos, I feel lazy going out, no trips out of town, I've cut down my budget for shopping so I've nothing new to get excited about. I listened to all sorts of music and I have a lot of things going through my mind trying to figure out how to put in words all these emotions that I have when listening to certain music from different Indie artists/bands---but can’t put in the words to make a good review. I feel that it’s such a waste to write something when my head is clouded with confusion and question; I know I wouldn't be able to give justice when my head is hanging empty.

Friday, July 29, 2011

He is named Wacky because...

Meet Wacky the wackiest kids in the planet lol. He's one cool kid and I can't help but rofl on this video.
Enjoy and Tell me what you think hihihi!

BabyG this one is for you hihihi Hope you like it ^^

Monday, July 11, 2011

AZKALS 4-0! Lesh GOOO!


It was all worth it!!!!

Last July 3, I’ve witness game Azkals vs Sri Langka. And boy how I’ve scream on every goal that our boys made ^^ Despite the grumpy weather fans stood still to cheer AZKALS!

I LOVE HWANGBO HYE JUNG I’m a Fan Girl After All

Unleash the fan girl inside lol

This will be my first time telling everyone that indeed I love fan girling but only to the two most humble, most adorable artist in Korea hihihi ^^. I’ve never been like this and I’m feeling all giggly inside.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Looking Forward to Azkals vs Sri Lanka

You gotta understand that it’s hard to get these tickets because the moment that these ticket was out it was like selling pancakes and during that time June 3 my cousin was out of the country so I have no one to help me purchase these pancakes lol.  They told me that the tickets in 200 and 300 were almost sold out in an hour or so and what was left are the 2000 and 3000 pesos tickets. Lol but I don’t need the 2k and 3k tickets so I have to take chance ^^. So good thing that some who reserved tickets online failed to claim theirs and so I was there in line waiting wootwooh! I got our 6 tickets.

On july 3 the first game to be held in Manila and I would be there to cheer on the boys. I just hope that the weather won’t be moody but give us sunny cheerful day. Let’s all watch and cheer the Azkals. My cousins will all be there too, I’ll be coming with my office friends we'll be all in the same area so I can see myself hopping from one bleacher to another hihihi. I hope we win this. 

Just give me this last 3 days in moody June

Ok, so it’s been like more than a month since I last posted here in mygoodriddance…that was long and annoying. We’ll I won’t rant about how busy my schedule was and yadahyadah, since it’s not new anymore but instead let me just put some random photos of my collection and what not and tell random stories that I can recall. So here it goes:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Panic in the Street of Beyond

There are a lot of things to think about, the news has it all. This past few weeks are filled with dreaded and whimsy headline. I won’t give details but the Royal Wedding, Benediction of Pope John Paul II and Osama being dead are just some of the major. And others like earthquake here and there and who win what and who lead who and whatnot. 

Part of me is saying WTF! Growing old means feeling a great concern of what’s happening around. Honestly, at my age, I still feel like a kid who never gets tired of playing around. I walk the streets of Ayala everyday and see different kind of people, most of the time the elders would caught my attention. My refusal to accept that someday my hair would turn gray, my eyes would lose its sparkle of youth and my skin would crumple, things like that  would hit me in an instant and I feel a little panic on my stomach.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daraitan: Open your Eyes!

Summer 2011 is indeed my busiest summer ever. I have gone to the beach, saw some magnificent falls, climbed a beautiful mountain and was finally was able to trek a river. I have to say that once I completed those four journeys there is no stopping. I still have to continue for this growing passion is getting big and I have to swim more seas, climb more mountains, search for more falls and trail on more river.

Daraitan is an easy destination for those who long for natures love, easy access and less strenuous (just don’t count the rock climb/descend). It only took us an hour to reach our destination (haha). Well, they told us (for newbies) sometimes it takes about 2 hours or more before reaching the campsite. Maybe we’re not so new anymore. Maybe that trek had baptized us. Now I’m aiming for a major hike that will touch all the four elements.  

More! More! Stories!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! And Random Stuffs!

This is what they prepared for me ^^
 I was so happy, I can’t even stop laughing! ^^

I love surprises! Last April 13 my team surprised me by decorating my work area with balloons and colorful papers. They also cooked Pancit (sautéed rice noodles), bought flowers and cake for my birthday. They even prepared the drinks and utensils to be used, whew!. I, on the other hand just bought Pandesal and Peanut butter plus Ice Cream. I didn't come to work on my actual birthday because I wanted to spend the entire day with Wacky. But just the same my team was able to give me the most sweetest surprise ^^

I love this People!
Thank you guys! Thank you for all the love and
for giving your best in everything you do!

On my birthday eve, Wacky went home a little late, but we still manage to do our plan, our slumber partey. We stayed up until 3am eating Ice cream, chips, watching cartoons, reading books and playing. I love Wacky to death. I'm his no.1 fan! lol
He prepared this Dreamy Princess Ice Cream for My Birthday!

Now I'll be posting some Random stuff. 

You got to check out the little girl in the middle. lol. And now she's all that! All of that!


Wacky mi hijo, muy Bonito! a lot of people are asking if his father is a Korean or Japanese, in some cases I manage to make them believe that his Father is actually in Seoul Korea. LOL. Oh boy! how I laugh! We both have that naughty side. I think he manage to inherit my sarcasm and wittiness! lol He's very intelligent, I hope he maintains his outstanding grade. His last report card showed his grade range between 97-100%, how's that!?


And I'm a sucker for nice little things! below are the random me in photos! things that scream my name in one way or another. ^^ 

Let's all be happy! Live life. Keep it steady and warm! Thank You! Cheers!

Listening to Bice 'Like Someone In Love' try to search for that song, (maybe in youtube) then look for the one that doesn't have any lyrics but humming and lalala (lol) it's really beautiful ^^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mt. Gulugod Baboy: A Hidden Wonderland

Two weeks after Boracay I was again up in my toes getting ready for another hike. This time it’s a combo hitting a mountain and the beach. Mt. Gulugod baboy is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. A minor climb with a Difficulty of 2/9, 525 MASL and Trail Class 1-2 (techie techie info from pinoymountaineer) it was easier to climb than Mt Romelo although technically higher.

I was the one who suggested the place since I’ve seen a lot of info and pictures from various blogs I stumbled upon. I felt that Mt Gulugod would fire whatever sparks we have for climbing. And I was not wrong, after all it was indeed a taste of heaven near Manila.

Boracay in Dazed

Rah Rah Borahrah!

Last February my Good Friend Lotlot (not her real name hehehe) booked a flight for 5 of us to Boracay. Originally the plan was just to have a good summer outing at Sagada for four days. But since our good friend was able to sniff some info on ticket sales to Caticlan we were able to divert the plan to the beach thus instantly reducing of the number of participant from more than 12 to 5. So off we go planning for our trip. Funny how we rarely contact each other not until March, two days before the said trip lol. March 19-22, 2011

My first time riding a small plane, flying domestic I was anxious at first
and my first time travelling far with my friends. Yes too many FIRST!

First day when we arrive at the island everything seems like I’m in a hurry and strikingly calm (bipolar). I haven’t had a long vacation and my body was really aching for it. I hate the fact that vacations sometimes can put more stress and can totally change the idea of resting with no worries.  I was feeling chill all over, I mean relax and cool about what’s going to happen in next couple of days at the same time stress. Thinking can we all put together all the plans that we have since time is catching so much of our free days.  So we headed on the shore and try to capture our sunset and played with the sand on our feet. Went on happy hour and witness a Chinese man proposing to his girlfriend. And I was oh-what-the-firth-she-is-so-darn-lucky! while I was there at the side cheering and shooting my cam and cursing all the lovely things around! Har! Hahahaha! Kidding!

Now more pictures and stories...

Friday, April 8, 2011

I’m Blank!

Summer Love!
Ok, I know that I failed (almost) to put here my activity for the month of March and April. First off, I’m feeling a little lazy (it’s nothing but natural) and I’ve been writing and deleting all that are suppose to be posted here, moody me. My spirit have been high these past few months but from time to time I feel sluggish (which reminds me how normal my life is), plus I’ve been sleeping a lot and the tons of pictures to be posted are taking much of my time. In Bora we have a total of 2000++ photos and In Gulugod almost 800 Photos. Take that! 

Let me tell you that I’ve been to places these past few weeks. As what I have written on my last post, yeah I went to the beach, Boracay Baby! And I’m going to give a full account of what happened there (I went Man Hunting- chinky eyes searching, actually. jk!) and the things that you can do to enjoy your stay. Watch out for my Boracay entry. Then just recently I went mountain climbing to Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas, I’ll be describing the place although you can also find some information in some blogs here at WWW but mine will be for kikays (make face) hahahaha! Our next stop will be river trekking in Daraitan and after that, we are still laying the plan whether to take Mt. Daguldol, Piko De Loro, Mt. Sembrano, Mt Batulao or swim the waters of Pagbilao in Borawan and Lukang Beach first. Whatever comes first it doesn’t really matter, just the same we’ll be having fun and making good memories.

I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos for preview today and will be spamming on my next post soon. Ready!?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hike to Mt. Romelo: Lord I Gotta Keep On Moving!

Mt. Romelo Trek

Mt Romelo is located in Siniloan Laguna but often referred to as Mt. Famy. It is said that Mt. Romelo is a minor climb with just 300 MASL (meters above sea level) often a destination for first time hikers with difficulty level of 2/9.
Excited Hikers

On the way to Mt. Romelo

After our shift we hurried to fix our stuff and double check the things we will need for the trip. A little disruption came when our ride told us that they won’t be able to pick us up at Makati so we have to commute to Shell Ortigas our new meeting place. When we got there we were greeted by MC’s Friends a.k.a. our guide Richie, Ikyut and Mike and off we head to Laguna passing by the town of Rizal. We arrived at 3pm at Great Valley it’s the mountaineers stop over before and after the climb. We decided to eat first since Richie told us that it would take us a few hours to reach the campsite, he estimated our arrival time would be at around 8pm since we are all beginners. We ate at one of the carinderia that offers scrumptious homemade siopao, siomai and mami at a very cheap price.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is the story of a Girl!

This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world…This is what I’m actually doing right now crying a river waiting for the whole world to drown with my misery…I’m turning to be a big hater!  I just can’t get it! I can’t get the fact that I can’t do the things that I like simply because people are thinking of their own convenience…selfish! Are we all born just to think of ourselves not to care to those who sit besides us?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freakish Tattoo Dream!

Last Sunday night I was so tired after coming back from my dental appointment that I literally throw myself on the bed while rubbing Popsicle sticks in my sensitive teeth. I was stressed and the discomfort was really unbearable that I have to call everyone’s attention just to get me a cold stick to rub it off; my dentist told me that it’s normal after root canal session and tooth extraction. So I doze off without even changing my clothes or washing myself. Talk about personal hygiene – I was tired you know! Try going to your dentist and have 2 root canals and pulling! Lol

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summer Teaser!

Oh yeah! I’m trying to assess my summer activity for 2011 as I regret my laziness last year so I would like to make it up this time. I’m shooting the moon with all the plans that I have since my work really doesn’t permit me to be out for a long time so the plan of leaving the country is out of the discussion, at least for this quarter (no Hongkong and Macau, sorry self). And here I am getting really darn agitated with all the plans that I have in mind but what the heck neck!  If I could squeeze everything just to make it possible or capture a leprechaun to trade my accessories for time, I would.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anxiety Attack

A phobia (from the Greek: φόβος,phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus. When the fear is beyond one's control, and if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Mygoodriddance Updates

I made some changes here in mygoodriddance as you can see it’s a total make over, however I’m not quite sure if this look much better than my previous one, honestly I’m not convince and that’s my fault.  Anyways my schedule is really hectic this month as I've promise to write some short stories about love this month of February unfortunately my time wouldn't permit but I’m still looking at it. I already had a draft about one story but due to change of weather I’m dropping it off because I know a lot will react violently and yes it’s a bitter sour love story. Wind change and so as my sail.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

To a Happy Endings or a Broken Hearts

To find love in a magical way was her dream. She sees everything like a romance novel and she’s not changing any of that. She dream of walk in the park, laughter in the sun dusk, cuddle in the rain, silly conversation under the starlit night, drinking wine eating cheese and love conversation, reading poems under a shady tree. She's aware that she’s dreaming of love that is surreal, a failure to any hearts---Still she keeps on dreaming.

Friday, January 21, 2011

1st Fun under the Sun~ TM Galore!

Boy! It’s not summer yet but I’m preparing myself for all the adventure that I’ll be taking this year. Last year I said I can’t stand the sun, so when the summer sun arrives I was nowhere to be found--- but was able to see the beach just for a glance at least in bataan and batangas but seriously it was hot.

This year I will take the heat and enjoy everything. For starter I had a simple get away with my team to Antipolo, this is actually a late Christmas celebration since last December our schedules are loaded and we decided to focus more on our priority, our family. We rented a private place to spend our night singing and swimming the entire cold January night (which I wasn’t able to do because I can’t stand the water, its freaking cold).

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