Saturday, January 22, 2011

To a Happy Endings or a Broken Hearts

To find love in a magical way was her dream. She sees everything like a romance novel and she’s not changing any of that. She dream of walk in the park, laughter in the sun dusk, cuddle in the rain, silly conversation under the starlit night, drinking wine eating cheese and love conversation, reading poems under a shady tree. She's aware that she’s dreaming of love that is surreal, a failure to any hearts---Still she keeps on dreaming.
He knows what she likes and so he claimed…. “ahhhhh, she won’t buy all those mushy stuffs”---that’s what he said and so he never tried. “She’s not the flower and chocolates kind of girl”---so he never bought any, well he did at least once and that was it. “She doesn’t listen to love songs why would I sing her a song?” so he refused to sing his heart even if she sings her sweetest lullabies in every restless night to calm his sleep. “She’s too clever to take silly jokes, I can’t be branded as dumb” he thought to himself, but she did laugh. She laughs even at the dorkiest joke he uttered. She’s that kind of girl. He failed to see…
Now she is tired….She’s leaving and moving forward not turning her back. He on the other hand was left there rooted, confuse and oblivious he said “I did what I think she wants, I level with her love, think and speak like the way she does and now she said she’s not happy, she’s leaving but I have more to give". She’s gone. She won’t be able to listen to his litany. She’s gone and he just missed those pure opportunity. She’s gone and she’s not coming back. She’s gone searching for her dream.
Accidentally found my old private blog and inspired me to write short stories. Tragic, yes it is. Love is sometimes tragic if we fail to see what is there to see. I might write some more of this to celebrate the month of hearts!
Love with all your heart! ^^

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