Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Mygoodriddance Updates

I made some changes here in mygoodriddance as you can see it’s a total make over, however I’m not quite sure if this look much better than my previous one, honestly I’m not convince and that’s my fault.  Anyways my schedule is really hectic this month as I've promise to write some short stories about love this month of February unfortunately my time wouldn't permit but I’m still looking at it. I already had a draft about one story but due to change of weather I’m dropping it off because I know a lot will react violently and yes it’s a bitter sour love story. Wind change and so as my sail.

Another thing that causes delay in my blog is my new phone. After 4 long years I got myself a new phone! Yehey! I’m really satisfied woot! I got myself the cheapest but most reliable smart phone its LG Optimus One p500 my Google phone and I love android 2.2 froyo! Woot! The disadvantage of having this at my hand is I tend to neglect my lappy since I can pretty much do/check whatever I like/need like chat, emails, social network, blogs, forum, news and whatnot for as long as there's wifi or I can easily open my data network and use 3G, I’m loving all the android apps, amazing technology like Google Goggles, Aldiko (for free ebooks) tons of photo editor (which makes it easy to do whatever photo editing that I need and I’m starting to forget about my SLR lol that won’t happen ^^v) and a lot of apps that I’m starting to discover. The downside --- I fail to follow up my blog. I’m starting to get lazy thus developing this writer’s block  and I’ve been struggling lately with what to write or maybe life is getting too fast that I’m starting not to see the details, one run after another.

I’ve read 3 books for the month of January, two from Paolo Coelho and one from Bob Ong I was successful in regaining my passion for reading. I’ve downloaded my favorite book in Aldiko and that’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein I so love that book that I can read it over and over. For this month I’m currently reading another book from Master Coelho and aiming for another 3 books, I’m searching for books that are worth my time or maybe buy myself a couple of biographies or series but really whatever comes to my hand will be welcome, I’m also looking at some local authors.

With so many things happening around like changes in my itinerary and ways this 2011 I wonder if I can cope up with this adjustment that I’m inflicting. Work has always been demanding eating up 6 days in my week, leaving me one day to squeeze in everything that I can manage like time with my family and friends I wonder if I can last that long in this schedule, but being a workaholic and busy bee by nature I know I can manage--- question is: can they manage me? lols! 

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