Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black to Gray -Anabel Bosch (Elektrikoolaid)

You came around like
A thief in the night
From somewhere between
The dark and the light
And I can’t quite remember
What it was like
You existed in between
The day and the night

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

And I know somehow
You’re more real than you seem
Living somewhere between
Life and a dream
And I know what it’s like
To feel so alone
I want to knock on your door
But there’s nobody home

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

Are you in the future
Are you in the past
Is the first time I saw you
Also the last
Is the place that you came from
So far away
What are the chances
Of seeing you today

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

Fade away…

Black to Gray...Fade away now..

Yesterday I was looking around the net for a Holga cam, I wanted to score one when I accidentally came across one blog that explain how the Holga and Lomo works. I got too excited so I started reading all his entry, upon browsing I saw one of his blog entitled "Anabel the great gig in the sky"...I started reading it as I got curious ...
It was Anabel Bosch of Elektrikoolaid one of my inspiration way back in high school and I was devastated when I learned that she died last January 11, 2009 due to aneurysm .

I am deeply inspired by how great she lived her life, how she rise from all her trials and how she inspire people like me. Back in High school I remember singing her song and listening to it almost everyday. I use to have a journal where I keep all the poems and songs I've composed and one of the entry was inspired by one of their song Black to Gray.

I'm late but never the less I would like to dedicate one spot for her.

To Anabel....Thanks a lot Miss Rock Goddess!
Black to Gray click to listen

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