Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th of July with friends @ Amana Water Park

Last July 4 my friends and I were supposed to go to Anawangin, but due to the unpredictable July weather we dropped the plan. Instead my friend Vanity and I started searching for a resort near Manila and we came across a blog about the resort in Bulacan...so off we go to Amana Water Park in Pandi Bulacan.
What's in Amana?
It has the Biggest wave pool in the Philippines 3500 sqm Wave pool, 500 sqm kiddie pool, life size character like the Dragon Ball Z character, Justice League, Hollywood Actors and Actress, Sports Icon, Movie Characters and etc. The Place is really big they have lots of Cottages suited to your budget.
We stayed in one of their VIP Rooms which is quite cheap for 2500 pesos 24hours stay, the entrance fee to the resort is 250 pesos, We had Grilled pork chop for Dinner and Hotdogs and Egg for breakfast that cost 100 pesos per set, not so bad. But you can also bring and cook you own food.
Each of us spend 1,200 pesos per head, that includes Transportation, Food, Drinks, Resort entrance and accommodation.

Amana Water Park is a nice place to stay for a quick get away. However....

My Good Riddance to the person who was assigned to take care of us during our stay, I know that the resort is new however that doesn't give you an excuse to forget all the things that you should be doing...for instance the Television that was in our room that night doesn't work, the man who was assigned on our room told us that he will be replacing it, up until the time we were about to leave the Television is still not working and take note we reminded that man to change it more than a couple of times during our stay...that's not a nice way to take care of your visitor..

Another Riddance is when the management told us that they will open the wave pool at 10am but until 12 noon the wave pool is still not working...they said that they have to wait for at least 30 people to be in the pool...hello if that's the case, if they can't follow the wave pool schedule and will have to wait for it to be filled, then might as well not advertise that you have the biggest wave pool in the Philippines...you can advertise that you have the biggest wave pool functioning only if there's 30 people swimming in the pool...DIG IT! Follow your schedule man...that's one reason why you have guest they want to experience the wave, let your guest be happy.

Opinion of the author was based from experience...

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