Monday, April 13, 2009

Gone to Cagbalete for the weekend

Originally there was supposed to be a tour guide to assist us but due to unforeseen incident the tour was canceled. But we can't cancel the trip because this is the only time that all of us are available so I have to create a plan B...

I started searching the internet to gather as many information needed for this trip...Maps, Resorts, Stories, Blogs and etc...Started texting the resorts and calling them to make a reservation.And we are off to go to Cagbalete...(An Island Near Mauban Quezon)

Hired manong Dino to drive for us, set the trip at 10am
No stop over we are raising against time, my fear was at the strike of 3pm there will be no one available to sail us to Cagbalete island... we got lost because all of us are busy having a good time inside the van, throwing jokes to each other, we reach the Daungan (port) at 3:30pm, I was right there were no available boat but luckily we met Manong Joko who offered us a ride for 900 pesos going to Cagbalete...we reached Sto. Nino at around 5pm the sail was rough and the waves are big but we survived...I met Manang who showed us our room and told us that they don't provide food for their guest, so we have to go to sabang, another boat ride to buy all of our supplies, we can also hike to sabang but we refuse because it's almost dark...and that's it!

After dinner we set up a bonfire in front of the sea...had some drinks, chitchat, and silly games, the following day we were suppose to watch the sunrise but it was raining so we drop that plan..

After breakfast we headed to the beach to swim and take some pictures...and at 4pm we left the Island...

It was a fun adventure, we traveled back to manila taking the Rizal Route and we drop by at Lucban to buy some Goodies to take home like longganisa ng Lucban( Their Famous local Sausage) and some sweets, we also tried the Pancit hab-hab (Local Style Noodles) for only 10 pesos!

I forgot to mention...Cabalete Island is a great place to chill and relax after a stressful life in Manila...we will be back and we are looking forward for the great food and accommodation as promised by the owner of Sto. Nino resort! Thanks!

My Good Riddance to the Boat Owner who is charging us 2,400 pesos for a ride back to the port...Nope we won't bite that..we can find ways and we can't be easily about taking advantage of the tourist!

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