Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bice Rest in Peace and Fly Away….

On my 1st blog this September I’ve mention about cutting my bangs to pay tribute to Bice. This is me now:

I was reluctant at first since I’m not the kind of person who would experiment on myself and I can’t remember the last time I had a full bangs mmmmm…I think I was in elementary.
This is my Mini tribute to Bice. Excerpt from my previous blog:
~~~>I’ve been listening to Bice *pronounce as bee-che* she’s a Japanese singer/songwriter; she composed several anime soundtrack like Mahoraba~ Heartful days, Kirarin Revolution and Kimi wa petto (Japanese Manga Adaptation). Unfortunately she died of heart attack last July 26, 2010. She’s just 38 years of age. She’s a genius songwriter and according to her last blog she was supposed to release a song or collaborate for an upcoming anime. I specially love her songs Cloudy Sky, Like Someone in love, Akubi, Tsusunde Ageru, and An apple a day. Her song Like Someone in Love and Cloudy Sky is constantly playing on my list. I’m thinking of cutting my bangs in full to show my heartfelt tribute to her ^^ Rest in Peace Bice. Kanpai anata no jinsei ni!

Bice (ビーチェ) is a versatile Japanese musician who works as pop-rock singer/songwriter, soundtrack composer, arranger and producer. She had started her career with acoustic-based pop, gradually shifted into more diverse styles of music. She sings both in Japanese and English with a delicate whispering voice. Her birthday is 04.11 and she can play numerous instruments such as guitar, piano, organ, accordion, flute etc…via

Rest in Peace and Fly Away….Bice ^^

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  1. I'm a long time fan and had spent a lot of time tracking down all of her music I could on CD, including 14 tracks from various collections and collaborations. The Rimokokoron maxi CD and the CD that had air-ing on I was the last one I managed to find. I'd always go online and google her, just to see if she was releasing anything more. I was devastated finding out in 2010 she'd passed away. And still am. A real loss to the world. Favourite songs? So many move me. Air-ing, Listen, Raincoat, Dandelion


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