Friday, April 2, 2010

RIP Skullcandy/ My Urban Jungle Soundtrack

I use to have a Pink Low Rider Skullcandy (RIP) but unfortunately due to my clumsiness I accidentally dropped it and rolled my swivel office chair on it. I tried reviving it using instant glue or some sort of adhesives but it didn’t help (I curse whoever invented that compound used in that darn plastic ^^), it’s not designed for sticky stuffs and I will surely die if someone will suggest to stitch it using metal wire arrrgh!. I gave up and kept it safe in my drawer after grieving for two weeks.

Now this is my ultimate wish: Monster Beat by Dr Dre, the reason for my drooling.

Unfortunately it’s quite pricey (sigh) a raging P12, 000-15,000 for a headset, it's a no way highway. Anyways, I’m thinking about buying a new skullcandy or a sennheiser or a mix-style headphones or an UrbanEars at least I can afford those

Mix-Style Headphones

Urban Ears Headphones
Sennheiser Headphones

Well anyways, let me share my URBAN JUNGLE SOUNDTRACK. It’s my daily energy booster and it helps me start my day right. I change my playlist every once in a while but I’ve been listening to this for almost two months now. Happy Music ^^

1. Absinthe Party at the Fly Hone Warehouse – Minus the Bear

2. Pachuca Sunrise – Minus the Bear

3. Candy Everybody Wants- 10,000 maniacs

4. This Charming Man – The smith

5. Girls and boys in love- The Rumble Strips

6. Morning Charm- Standfast

7. Trouble Sleeping- Corrine Bailey Rae

8. She’s so Lovely – Scouting for Girls

9. London Rain – Heather Nova

10. Foundation- Kate Nash

11. Up Against the Wall- Peter Bjorn and John

12. Object of my Affection- Peter Bjorn and John

13. Naïve(The Kooks Cover)- Lilly Allen

14. I Don’t know why – Moony

15. Just the way you are- Milky

16. First Train Home- Imogen Heap

17. Yabai- Arashi (Jun Matsumoto) ^^

18. Pure Shore – All Saints

19. Sun Burn Chilitees Remix- Sandwich

20. Too young to Die- Jamiroquai

21. Tender Buttons- Broadcast

22. Get up and go- Broadcast 2000

23. Vlad the Impaler- Kasabian

24. Let’s Get F*cked up and Die- Motion City Soundtrack

25. Fell in Love without you – Motion City Soundtrack

26. I got soul but I’m not a Soldier- The Killers

27. Sound of Settling- Death Cab for Cutie

28. Shooting the Moon- OK GO

29. Strange and Beautiful – Aqualung

30. Oh Lately it’s so Quiet- OK GO

31. Breakeven- The Script

32. New Soul- Yael Naim

33. Wish- Jem

34. Just a Ride- Jem

35. Poor Little Rich Boy- Regina Spektor

On a different note:

Why is it so hard to insert photos in Blogger?

Do I have to work on HTML whenever I Post Pictures?

Hmmmm...I'll figure this effin' thing out.

I am Your Fan Girl!

Oh effin' YES!

I am your fan girl. I look at you everyday and with just one tiny curve from you lips~ whooa! flings my heart into the clouds, sending me 50,000 miles away from my world and oh how I love those feelings. You keep me going like a shot of espresso in a dazed morning.

You are the epitome of ethereal beauty, divine and pure. I sometimes wonder if you only eat morning dews to survive, a mythical creature of some sort…Oh, you got the most astonishing dog eyes (lol) and hell yeah they scream melts whenever I look at them.

Oh well, I am your fan girl and that’s how it’s gonna be, nothing more nothing less. Whoopsy!

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