Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Lately it’s so Quiet

These past few days I’ve been very quiet, not because I have nothing to say or nothing to do it’s because I think I’ve lost my mojo somewhere along the way this month of May. I have a lot of Ideas running through my mind but I just can’t put it in writing…I’ve lost some creativity while this mind was processing a lot of scattered data waiting to be save and run, unfortunately I’ve been getting a lot of failure…hmmm…I wonder who stole my mojo?

Anyways, enough of that, my project 365 is on 8.21% completion….phewy! I have a long way to go! I don’t know what has gotten into me when I started that project hahaha!!! I never thought that this will be difficult. Imagine allotting at least 1-2 hours a day to do the shoot not to mention considering the time of the day. My 29th day was a struggle since I took that photo at the last hour of the day the lighting condition sucks I have to use my flash which I hate because I usually encounter a lot of limitations in photo manipulation. Darn! that’s a lesson learned. I also have to think of a nice concept everyday on how I can portray whatever emotions or activities I had. Well contrary to all the difficulty I also feel fulfilled since I’ve manage to finish a month and I feel good whenever someone compliment my creation and I know that somehow I have influence some peps to do the project as well, those things gives me a little nice smile.

This month I’ve been pigging out a lot and it’s making me sick. I feel that I have gained a pound or two, my hormones are raging for food and sometimes it’s hard to resist especially when you see the food lining up in front of you. I’ve eaten 8 varieties of cake (recalling and counting how many cakes I have tasted for this month alone makes me feel nauseous *SIGH* now I regret). I’ve been cooking a lot lately for my Flintstone too and seeing them enjoying the food makes me want to sit down and dump food in my mouth which is again a big regret, not that I won’t be cooking for them anymore but this time I will poke my eyes, cover my ears and seal my mouth to avoid temptation.

Oh and my brother is here for a vacation and I really enjoy having him around. He’s someone that I can truly trust and talk with whatever silliness I have. He can ride on my crazy trip like my 365 he even took a couple of my shots. I missed him a lot and our Flintstone is really glad to have him around. He’ll be going back to SG this Friday and he hasn’t even had a drink with us since he’s torturing himself with everyday dental schedule. LOL. By the way that's Jess with him in that photo.

Hmmm what else….I’ve discovered the source of my mojo hahaha (just now) I realized that whenever I write something I "hassss" to listen to a particular music/song over and over again until I’m done writing bwaaaaaaaahaha! Right now I’m listening to “Oh lately it’s so quiet” by OK GO for the Nth time (I’ve lost count) hahaha. Well….inspirations are good right? it’s something that we should keep and play along with. And come to think of it the way I drive my guts out from my head is not as bad as I think (BIG emphasis in the I…in MY opinion ^^v)…at least it’s not harmful! Anyways just incase you guys are curious of the song here’s a couple of stanza (those that I like):

(Oh no) Oh lately it's so quiet in this place, you're not 'round every corner
(Oh no) Oh lately it's so quiet in this place, so darlin' if you’re not here haunting me I’m wondering...

Whose house, are you haunting tonight? Aw. Whose sheets you twist?
Aw. Whose face you kiss? Whose house, are you haunting tonight?

(Oh no) I dont think much about you anymore, you're not on every whisper, oh
(Oh no) I dont think much about you, but if you're not lurking behind every curtain I’m wondering...

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