Friday, October 22, 2010

My Mind is perplexed, now that’s a Meme!

I don’t know what it means but every part of me is awesomely contradicting each part? You see, I have this very warm feeling inside so warm that I feel so cold. I also feel outlandishly happy- amazingly happy that I feel sad over this extreme happiness, is that happty-sad? I sigh over trivial things not the Negative-Annoying-Sigh but more of the Haay-what am I going to do?-Sigh, have you ever feel that?

I’m starting to believe that I'm experiencing olfactory hallucination because I can smell the same scent and I kept on following that scent to no avail but still fail to see where it’s coming from, all I know is I can smell sweet scents of musky flowers, it gives me shivers. I smile in a sudden swift not knowing why. My mood is as ever changing, and I feel like I'm riding a ship in a squall. But despite all of this shifts I still find it nice- NICE that’s all of I can think of, the best I can describe how I feel- I FEEL NICE.

I’m spacing out, I look at nothingness, and I swear, I can see that there is something in there, like it was there for a reason, a reason only I can understand. I wonder why I can see details, completeness and meaning amidst that emptiness, I'm seeing it like an abstract piece of art waiting to be scrutinize. WHAT THE F IS THAT?

Lately I’ve been listening to sad music, ok! Call that emo (whatever) but I’m rather confuse because I smile with every line...tch! get this: “ ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, it’s not warm when she’s away, ain’t know sunshine when she’s gone, she’s always gone too long anytime she goes away…” what is there to smile about, tell me? But hey! look at me grinning like a fool! And I blame my brother for posting Maxwell’s new song “Pretty Wings” at his FB wall, now I smirk like a dupe listening to it for the Nth time and banging my head in an RnB motion. Maxwell is so amazing, how he can sing a sad song and makes me feel otherwise. Genius!

Have you ever had this feeling like... umm... when you feel like eating your favorite candy and yet you feel so guilty because someone wants it more than you do? So what do you do? Hahaha! You look at that person with an irritating but bewildered look, harhar! but still refuse to give up on your candy so you sat there quietly and just leave it like that, then walk away. Duh! of course I won’t give that person my candy, but I won’t eat my candy in front of that person either. I’m not going to watch that sad looking face and I’m not going to let that person watch my victorious chew as I take pleasure in each bite. LOLS! I’m not your sadistic nor masochistic kinda’ girl but sometimes, just sometimes I find it exciting *rolling my eyes in delight*….hahaha my heart is such a meme and it‘s working dumb today…I feel so confused.

~Away from me to see clearly, the way that love can be when you are not with me...



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I recommend to all my ladies to Eat. Pray. LOVE.

It all started last Sunday when my cousin put this shout out on her wall, she said “I want to watch EAT PRAY LOVE who’s with me?” and I hit the like button and so as one of our friends. Next thing I know she’s already telling me the time she would pick me up. You see my gals’ works in speed, hehe!

Off we go to Power Plant with my sleeplessness psyche, half way to the mall I took the liberty of sleeping and from time to time would butt in at their conversation. They woke me up when we’re in the parking lot, so much for my 20 mins of slumber, power nap indeed.

I was looking forward to watching this movie although I was hoping that I can speed read it before going to the big screen, but my cousin won’t let me do that, she’s so determine to watch the movie that even if I beg for a 5 days allowance to read it first, she will still insist. So I was there, no sleep since Friday night but armed with my Macchiato and curiosity, I went there hoping I won’t lose my mind to sleep.

Eat Pray Love is a story about a woman searching for life’s balance, the not-to-miss opportunities and finding freedom and self realization in life. The book was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, she accounts her experience travelling around the world, her divorce, the people she met and her discoveries in every trip. She gave a full description of her life experience and shared it with her reader. The title EAT PRAY LOVE represents her journey and discoveries in the three countries she have visited, ITALY, INDIA, INDONESIA. The film adaptation carries the same title and Gilbert was portrayed by Julia Roberts, judging from the reviews and some synopsis that I have read, I believe that Roberts and the Director of the film was able to give justice to the movie.

Now I’m craving to read the book, so bad that I’m turning into loco searching the net, but on second thoughs I think it is something that I should really have, I meant a hard copy, so next pay day I’m going to run to the nearest bookstore and get myself two of her books, the EAT PRAY LOVE and the sequel~ COMMITED: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. And now I’m also planning to purchase all of her written books, hehehe, The last American man, The Stern Men and Pilgrims. I got myself a project to work onto.

After the movie we were all craving for pasta but a t 11 pm I doubt if any decent chef would be happy cook for us. Dang! I was craving for Vongole! Well, I told my couz that if we can’t eat pasta then I rather have Japanese food so we went for a drive in Little Tokyo but no success! So we ended up eating at Shakey’s hahaha!

With my movie buddies, my cousins Sheila and Ivee and our good friend Lanz!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Countessa of the East

Today I shall not sleep because Ayala will be close by 5pm – 10am and I’m anticipating chaos in my commuter's life~~ honestly speaking I don’t know much about Makati’s side street. So my plan is to leave early, as early as 10pm, if worst comes to worst I’ll have time finding my way to reach my 2am shift. If I’ll have extra time… ummm… then I might roam around Ayala with my Camera and see what I can get there…You see, I’m very vigilant of what’s happening around, so attentive that I’m completely oblivious of tonight’s events in Makati, lols! Is it October fest or Marathon or Rally? I wouldn’t give a dam really! We’ll see!

Anyhow, last night I started training new bloods and hopefully I’ll be done with product training tomorrow so we can start sucking blood, bwaaahahahaha!

I still need one more new blood to join my army…would you like to be my newbie? Bwaaaahahaha!

My lappy’s keyboard is acting strange, I think he had grown a brain of his own and decided to rebel against me. YO! Keyboard wakey wakey don’t be stubborn baby!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commuter's Note: I got you under my Spell!

Today on my way home I was greeted by an odd man who looks at me like I’m a piece of cordon bleu and he’s a famished creature ready to devour. I usually commute my way home since it’s easier to get a ride not to mention cheaper, and I like napping inside the fx. Unfortunately that weird man took the same ride so I have no choice but to keep myself awake for the entire 45 mins ride. What a pain in the @ss.

Yep, I got a little bit scared good thing the fx was full otherwise I have no choice but to go down and take a cab and that would be like 200++ pesos dent on my pocket vs 40 pesos fare, darn! Plus I ride a cab everyday on my way to work so that’s a total of effin 500 pesos for a day’s fare and of course I’m not crazy!

Well, I don’t know but I usually flare up when I notice someone is suspiciously staring at me and confront them casually, it’s instinctive or my reflex to protect myself. But not today, maybe my magic doesn’t work or I am too tired to be barbaric so I let it go and just watch his every moves…but I was all up for a fight if he moves in a different direction, luckily my spell silently works and he behaved after receiving my powerful glare!

Monday, October 4, 2010

As wreck as you think you are not!

Hahaha! I can’t help but laugh silently whenever I see people who are so darn hypocrite trying to live a lavida loca life huh?! Dang I feel bad for them and they have no way to go but out! Oh and those few who believe and goes with their “I-see-it-is- real”~ ooops it’s a REEL!

It’s frustrating me because I don’t see their real heart or maybe that’s not it. It’s because I know exactly who they are and what’s in their heart and I feel sorry to those who surrounds them and think that they are seeing that person’s legitimacy or content! Errrrr! WRONG! It’s a now you see and darn! you see more…more…more! More of the slicker skin!

It’s a NO, not your fairytale Baby! Fairies doesn’t exist, nor prince charming, no unicorns and what rainbow bubbles? Tsk! Wake up baby before I burst your bubbles!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can I be part of the Cullens instead?

A good friend of mine made a comment in one of my project 365 photos. Well, this is what he said: “VODKAHOLIC VAMPY: THE RED COLORED BOTTLE compliments and blend to your mane”. And I replied saying “thank you and I like that title: Vodkaholic Vampy!” But it didn’t stop there he made another comment this time stating the reasons why I deserve that title.

This is what he said:

You are most suitable candidate for the title VODKAHOLIC VAMPY, hahahha! Here are the reasons WHY:

* You are a night walker
* You are a Vodka Lover
* You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)
* Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.
* You are forever young LOL =P

I rofl with that statement and how great it was pointed out!

You are a night walker~ and I never sleep at night, we all know that I’m insomniac, that's why I rather work at night.

You are a Vodka Lover~ GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! YES, my name is Levz and I’m a VODKAHOLIC! Lolz!

You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)~ That---I’m not so sure of! Victoria is brunette and her skin is pale white vs Me --well, my mane is quite reddish, I colored it red but being a natural Filipina we all know it would fail, hehehe, my skin is pale yes! But not white pale hahaha!

Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.~ Now, that is one compliment that I appreciate! I work hard to look great because if you look great everything else will follow. And I appreciate those who like my fashion sense, not too eccentric but a little edgy! And my hair is not as gorgeously straight or curly but I like it like that!

You are forever young LOL =P~ WOW Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I’m on a my double curly age *nods up and down* and I still get a shot and glare whenever someone asks for my age and I answer it with full honesty, hehehe…I feel good to be branded as ageless!

I know this is narcissism at its finest, but when someone compliments you, you should be thankful and appreciative! Don’t be coy or shy! Just like what I always said “don’t be bashful!” Say Thanks! And gulp it all. After all we don’t get that every day, just don’t forget to pay it forward!

Now can I just be part of the Cullens!? HEHEHE!

Vanity's Gown Fitting!

Told you I’ll be a Maid of Honor this year twice in a row YAY!* My friends will be tying the knot of ropes in the wedding bed this December and I was task to guard those ropes like a good little girl scout. But you know how I do things in fashion, I mean Passion! *full head swing*

Last September Vanity set her gown fitting for her entourage at Imperial Palace Hotel and we all rushed there like giggly girls in command! It was a double event we also celebrated hers and Joel’s birthday. We had fun taking pictures and updating since we’ve been away from each other for a long period of time, and sure there are thousands of stories to be narrated and issues to be resolved.

It was a fun day filled with laughter and food and nope we don’t even drink~ this group are my goody bunch! we partey like a kiddy!

Now my next task is to set the bridal shower party for two of my bestestfriends, Vanity and Kaye. Thinking about it propels flutters in my stomach…boohoo!!! Levz, how fun can you go!? I’ll take that challenge anyways! Let’s GO!

More of the behind the scene:

The Bride-to-be: My Dearest Friend Vanity.

The Party of Five: with Joel, Westly, Lia, Vanity and Moi

The Photo Spree: with some of our friends and the Bride's friends!

The bathroom scene: With two of my good friend Lia and Christian

Crashing waves in the middle of October sky: My October wish!

Welcome me October! What do we have in store for each other? Well, your first few days I can see that I, myself, with my steadily poor sleeping habit is deprived from slumber which is nothing new by the way. Your first stride was a little difficult with all the interviews and now training and what else do I get from you but the busiest schedule in terms of work, so far in 3 days…but I have one wish can you please take me to the beach?

Nothing warms my heart but the waves splashing noisily as your October sky gives my visage a little drizzle from your overcast clouds and the wind caressing my hair to fall and sway in mess on my quiet face, what a sight to see, what a feeling to take pleasure in. As strange as it may seems but I find calmness in your howl, it’s the peace I’d like to call mine, I desire the rainy days in your shore.

I will never deny the cheerful feeling you bring me whenever I am under your beach summer sky but as I mature I see things in a different perspective, maybe it makes me more confident knowing that I can find serenity in your most furious surge. The feeling it gives me as I tempt your tide to rush and pull me and the assurance I get that not even the strongest wind or wave can move my ground for I am rooted firmly in your sand. It makes me feel stronger and more human, susceptible to perils but bold and courageous. I like to breathe the freedom that I have seen in your strange tranquility!

I wish to see you beach and play under your October sky! Comfort me October blues!

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