Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commuter's Note: I got you under my Spell!

Today on my way home I was greeted by an odd man who looks at me like I’m a piece of cordon bleu and he’s a famished creature ready to devour. I usually commute my way home since it’s easier to get a ride not to mention cheaper, and I like napping inside the fx. Unfortunately that weird man took the same ride so I have no choice but to keep myself awake for the entire 45 mins ride. What a pain in the @ss.

Yep, I got a little bit scared good thing the fx was full otherwise I have no choice but to go down and take a cab and that would be like 200++ pesos dent on my pocket vs 40 pesos fare, darn! Plus I ride a cab everyday on my way to work so that’s a total of effin 500 pesos for a day’s fare and of course I’m not crazy!

Well, I don’t know but I usually flare up when I notice someone is suspiciously staring at me and confront them casually, it’s instinctive or my reflex to protect myself. But not today, maybe my magic doesn’t work or I am too tired to be barbaric so I let it go and just watch his every moves…but I was all up for a fight if he moves in a different direction, luckily my spell silently works and he behaved after receiving my powerful glare!

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