Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bursting Angst

Have you ever hated someone so much that you wish that person would disappear from this life time?

Cruelty! yep you call me cruel when I think all that you have for me is fear…I will always carry the torch of your failure and it’s so sad that I’ll be around this life time.

I will always think of you as someone that I have trusted too much and betrayed me by stabbing my back, the dirt on my face far more filthy than those I see around walking with no life or a zombie…The leech that sucked all my blood and just when I realized had squeezed it to death bursting with my now rotten and spoiled juice. You who think is mightier than anyone else, I see you smile with that fake grin in your face, you and your lies a plastic fantastic diabolic life…

I'll tell you this, I'm not going to run after you, you stupid idiotic moron who has no back bone and cannot stand alone…I will never ask for your help since you can’t help your self either thus making my life burden full of miseries.. You who I wish to die of old age and not get any help until you rot and smell in your death bed. You who has no purpose in life but to lie down and wait for the stretch marks to fill your doomed belly!

You fucking DOG!

*eto yung sabi ko sa katabi kong matabang maarte na ayaw umayos ng upo sa FX…AMP!

Hahaha kala mo ikaw noh!? Paranoid! lolz

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