Friday, April 15, 2011

Mt. Gulugod Baboy: A Hidden Wonderland

Two weeks after Boracay I was again up in my toes getting ready for another hike. This time it’s a combo hitting a mountain and the beach. Mt. Gulugod baboy is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. A minor climb with a Difficulty of 2/9, 525 MASL and Trail Class 1-2 (techie techie info from pinoymountaineer) it was easier to climb than Mt Romelo although technically higher.

I was the one who suggested the place since I’ve seen a lot of info and pictures from various blogs I stumbled upon. I felt that Mt Gulugod would fire whatever sparks we have for climbing. And I was not wrong, after all it was indeed a taste of heaven near Manila.

Boracay in Dazed

Rah Rah Borahrah!

Last February my Good Friend Lotlot (not her real name hehehe) booked a flight for 5 of us to Boracay. Originally the plan was just to have a good summer outing at Sagada for four days. But since our good friend was able to sniff some info on ticket sales to Caticlan we were able to divert the plan to the beach thus instantly reducing of the number of participant from more than 12 to 5. So off we go planning for our trip. Funny how we rarely contact each other not until March, two days before the said trip lol. March 19-22, 2011

My first time riding a small plane, flying domestic I was anxious at first
and my first time travelling far with my friends. Yes too many FIRST!

First day when we arrive at the island everything seems like I’m in a hurry and strikingly calm (bipolar). I haven’t had a long vacation and my body was really aching for it. I hate the fact that vacations sometimes can put more stress and can totally change the idea of resting with no worries.  I was feeling chill all over, I mean relax and cool about what’s going to happen in next couple of days at the same time stress. Thinking can we all put together all the plans that we have since time is catching so much of our free days.  So we headed on the shore and try to capture our sunset and played with the sand on our feet. Went on happy hour and witness a Chinese man proposing to his girlfriend. And I was oh-what-the-firth-she-is-so-darn-lucky! while I was there at the side cheering and shooting my cam and cursing all the lovely things around! Har! Hahahaha! Kidding!

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