Friday, April 15, 2011

Boracay in Dazed

Rah Rah Borahrah!

Last February my Good Friend Lotlot (not her real name hehehe) booked a flight for 5 of us to Boracay. Originally the plan was just to have a good summer outing at Sagada for four days. But since our good friend was able to sniff some info on ticket sales to Caticlan we were able to divert the plan to the beach thus instantly reducing of the number of participant from more than 12 to 5. So off we go planning for our trip. Funny how we rarely contact each other not until March, two days before the said trip lol. March 19-22, 2011

My first time riding a small plane, flying domestic I was anxious at first
and my first time travelling far with my friends. Yes too many FIRST!

First day when we arrive at the island everything seems like I’m in a hurry and strikingly calm (bipolar). I haven’t had a long vacation and my body was really aching for it. I hate the fact that vacations sometimes can put more stress and can totally change the idea of resting with no worries.  I was feeling chill all over, I mean relax and cool about what’s going to happen in next couple of days at the same time stress. Thinking can we all put together all the plans that we have since time is catching so much of our free days.  So we headed on the shore and try to capture our sunset and played with the sand on our feet. Went on happy hour and witness a Chinese man proposing to his girlfriend. And I was oh-what-the-firth-she-is-so-darn-lucky! while I was there at the side cheering and shooting my cam and cursing all the lovely things around! Har! Hahahaha! Kidding!

Now more pictures and stories...

First Day Random Photos At Station 1 and D'Mall

Drinking at Gully's Island

At Bamboo Lounge and the most decent group picture that we have

The following day was spend Island hopping and more more walks on the sandy bar of Boracay and drinking and snapping pictures and that was the second day! Lol. Well, not really. My cousin (was there a week before) already warned me to pray for rain not to pass by especially if we’ll be going on an Island Tour. Unfortunately my prayers are not enough (If only I give in to offering my rain dance) ach! It rained right in the middle of our boat ride and I can’t tell you how scared I was seeing those squalls hitting those tiny islands  and how deep can those squalls dig before it settles to the shore. It was a very bad day for an island tour. We ended up just visiting 2 islands, Crystal Cave and the Island where we ate out lunch (golden lunch for its royal price). No snorkeling at the puka beach because of the strong surge and the-pity-us snorkeling at the middle of the sea where we all panic because Stef was surprised to see a school of fish swimming below my feet lol! Imagine us scrambling to get on the boat because we all thought that there’s a big aggressive fish ready attack us! Lol major epic! Hahahaha! 

Crystal Cave

Snorkeling and Panic Attack

@Bamboo Lounge and some just walk around

Third day was real busy and we are in the mood for more activity as we scheduled our ATV ride along the Island, Banana boat, a little taste of Wall Climbing and last night to party. I was tired and hungry that day I was able to finish 1 cup of rice on my forbidden Beef Steak! Haist! Then I spend the rest of the afternoon in slumber with Vanity at our Hotel while Chris, Stef and Christian spend the entire afternoon swimming and watching the sunset. by the way, we stayed at Patio Pacific while Chris and Stef stayed at another hotel (bless my memory) I forgot. At night we went at D’ Palengke (D’ Market) to buy our pasalubong (souvenirs) and eat seafoods, love! I got some Shirts for my family and Bracelets for my agents.  Then we went back to Bamboo Lounge where we spend two nights drinking and just having fun, Smoking Hookah and Playing Monopoly. Good time with my good friends!

Busy Busy Day

The Funny Banana Boat Laugh Trip

Serious Monopoly Business

Last day as I wake up early to enjoy the morning on the crowded beach and a bit surprised to see the serenity of the place with just few people walking. As I assumed maybe most of the people are still sleeping. I keenly embrace the morning salty breeze and enjoy the peace as much as I can consume. I was in a mood for haiku but that is too precious to be shared and a little complicated to be posted here. But all in all the vacation was worth it. In some deep corners of my heart I was feeling life and all the compromise I have to deal with to settle what was needed to be settled.

Final Day: The Hideous early bird catches the Annoying early fish!

I was with my friends enjoying the view with them and storing moments. Little did they know that I was also having a conversation with myself that night when we witness the lovers proposing under the blistered moon, that night when walk the shore randomly passing through different people some in groups, some in pairs and some just walking all by themselves, I was looking at their faces (forgive me) branding each one.  That day when we sail the sea fighting the urge of the waves, the walk on that deserted island and as we descend to those tiny caves while being bombarded with strong surge, I was there feeling shinny and blessed. I feel warm.

Walk with me, let’s take a walk to the reservoir and get reacquainted. Too much has gone by now I realized I’ve taken things for granted, for too long… (The Karl Maka) listening to "While There's Time" while writing this post^^

And just because I glow!
I suggest you right click the photo and  click open link in a new tab to see actual size, only if you want. No pressure! lol
---Nah! You know the drill, watevah! ^^


  1. Boracay, definitely enjoyed it there.... we stayed at Boracay Regency... and oh. my. god. one of the really best hotels ever... our room was located on the poolside.... literally on the poolside!!!! wake up in the morning and you can just jump right in!!! aaaah! Can't wait to get back there.... Favorite bar definitely would be Pat Creek's Bar... the only reggae bar in Boracay... :P and of course, parasailing, helmet diving, banana boat ride, island hopping, snorkling... just some of the great things to experience in Boracay! can't wait to get back!!! :D

  2. i remember my first visit there year ago.. boracay is a real paradise.. Hotels in boracay


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