Friday, April 8, 2011

I’m Blank!

Summer Love!
Ok, I know that I failed (almost) to put here my activity for the month of March and April. First off, I’m feeling a little lazy (it’s nothing but natural) and I’ve been writing and deleting all that are suppose to be posted here, moody me. My spirit have been high these past few months but from time to time I feel sluggish (which reminds me how normal my life is), plus I’ve been sleeping a lot and the tons of pictures to be posted are taking much of my time. In Bora we have a total of 2000++ photos and In Gulugod almost 800 Photos. Take that! 

Let me tell you that I’ve been to places these past few weeks. As what I have written on my last post, yeah I went to the beach, Boracay Baby! And I’m going to give a full account of what happened there (I went Man Hunting- chinky eyes searching, actually. jk!) and the things that you can do to enjoy your stay. Watch out for my Boracay entry. Then just recently I went mountain climbing to Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mabini, Batangas, I’ll be describing the place although you can also find some information in some blogs here at WWW but mine will be for kikays (make face) hahahaha! Our next stop will be river trekking in Daraitan and after that, we are still laying the plan whether to take Mt. Daguldol, Piko De Loro, Mt. Sembrano, Mt Batulao or swim the waters of Pagbilao in Borawan and Lukang Beach first. Whatever comes first it doesn’t really matter, just the same we’ll be having fun and making good memories.

I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos for preview today and will be spamming on my next post soon. Ready!?

First Day at Bora

Boracay 3rd day
Boracay Christal Cave 2nd day

Mt. Gulugod Baboy
At the Top of the Mountain I shall sing! 
assault: do I look tired? hahaha

Listening to Fantastic June’s “Bad” and “May (Lucky Misu lofi remix)” playing nonstop while writing this enrty ^^. They added me on their Facebook account (me doing Boogie Dance before clicking the confirm button). I was surprised, thank you! I can’t stop grinning, all just because of that lol! I wish I can go to Bandung Indonesia and watch those guys perform live, I’m sure it will be fun! Is Bandung far from Bintang? Coz I’ve been to Bintang and I wanted to know how far is it from that place so next time I can check them out. I’m liking all the Indie bands of Indonesia they give me this sunny feeling.

Anyhow, I’ve been visiting this blog everyday just watching the traffic and it’s nice to have constant returning visitors---THANK YOU! I feel a shame not being able to entertain you. Anyways, It’s my birth month and I hope to not be reminded of it hehehe. So far I’ve been enjoying this year and I hope the blessings won’t stop. I’m just waiting and wishing for ONE thing… God knows what I like! Come into my life!!!! Cheers!~

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  1. i want to go on top of that mountain - can i skip the trekking and climbing part? Hahaha



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