Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can I be part of the Cullens instead?

A good friend of mine made a comment in one of my project 365 photos. Well, this is what he said: “VODKAHOLIC VAMPY: THE RED COLORED BOTTLE compliments and blend to your mane”. And I replied saying “thank you and I like that title: Vodkaholic Vampy!” But it didn’t stop there he made another comment this time stating the reasons why I deserve that title.

This is what he said:

You are most suitable candidate for the title VODKAHOLIC VAMPY, hahahha! Here are the reasons WHY:

* You are a night walker
* You are a Vodka Lover
* You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)
* Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.
* You are forever young LOL =P

I rofl with that statement and how great it was pointed out!

You are a night walker~ and I never sleep at night, we all know that I’m insomniac, that's why I rather work at night.

You are a Vodka Lover~ GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! YES, my name is Levz and I’m a VODKAHOLIC! Lolz!

You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)~ That---I’m not so sure of! Victoria is brunette and her skin is pale white vs Me --well, my mane is quite reddish, I colored it red but being a natural Filipina we all know it would fail, hehehe, my skin is pale yes! But not white pale hahaha!

Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.~ Now, that is one compliment that I appreciate! I work hard to look great because if you look great everything else will follow. And I appreciate those who like my fashion sense, not too eccentric but a little edgy! And my hair is not as gorgeously straight or curly but I like it like that!

You are forever young LOL =P~ WOW Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I’m on a my double curly age *nods up and down* and I still get a shot and glare whenever someone asks for my age and I answer it with full honesty, hehehe…I feel good to be branded as ageless!

I know this is narcissism at its finest, but when someone compliments you, you should be thankful and appreciative! Don’t be coy or shy! Just like what I always said “don’t be bashful!” Say Thanks! And gulp it all. After all we don’t get that every day, just don’t forget to pay it forward!

Now can I just be part of the Cullens!? HEHEHE!

Vanity's Gown Fitting!

Told you I’ll be a Maid of Honor this year twice in a row YAY!* My friends will be tying the knot of ropes in the wedding bed this December and I was task to guard those ropes like a good little girl scout. But you know how I do things in fashion, I mean Passion! *full head swing*

Last September Vanity set her gown fitting for her entourage at Imperial Palace Hotel and we all rushed there like giggly girls in command! It was a double event we also celebrated hers and Joel’s birthday. We had fun taking pictures and updating since we’ve been away from each other for a long period of time, and sure there are thousands of stories to be narrated and issues to be resolved.

It was a fun day filled with laughter and food and nope we don’t even drink~ this group are my goody bunch! we partey like a kiddy!

Now my next task is to set the bridal shower party for two of my bestestfriends, Vanity and Kaye. Thinking about it propels flutters in my stomach…boohoo!!! Levz, how fun can you go!? I’ll take that challenge anyways! Let’s GO!

More of the behind the scene:

The Bride-to-be: My Dearest Friend Vanity.

The Party of Five: with Joel, Westly, Lia, Vanity and Moi

The Photo Spree: with some of our friends and the Bride's friends!

The bathroom scene: With two of my good friend Lia and Christian

Crashing waves in the middle of October sky: My October wish!

Welcome me October! What do we have in store for each other? Well, your first few days I can see that I, myself, with my steadily poor sleeping habit is deprived from slumber which is nothing new by the way. Your first stride was a little difficult with all the interviews and now training and what else do I get from you but the busiest schedule in terms of work, so far in 3 days…but I have one wish can you please take me to the beach?

Nothing warms my heart but the waves splashing noisily as your October sky gives my visage a little drizzle from your overcast clouds and the wind caressing my hair to fall and sway in mess on my quiet face, what a sight to see, what a feeling to take pleasure in. As strange as it may seems but I find calmness in your howl, it’s the peace I’d like to call mine, I desire the rainy days in your shore.

I will never deny the cheerful feeling you bring me whenever I am under your beach summer sky but as I mature I see things in a different perspective, maybe it makes me more confident knowing that I can find serenity in your most furious surge. The feeling it gives me as I tempt your tide to rush and pull me and the assurance I get that not even the strongest wind or wave can move my ground for I am rooted firmly in your sand. It makes me feel stronger and more human, susceptible to perils but bold and courageous. I like to breathe the freedom that I have seen in your strange tranquility!

I wish to see you beach and play under your October sky! Comfort me October blues!

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