Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crashing waves in the middle of October sky: My October wish!

Welcome me October! What do we have in store for each other? Well, your first few days I can see that I, myself, with my steadily poor sleeping habit is deprived from slumber which is nothing new by the way. Your first stride was a little difficult with all the interviews and now training and what else do I get from you but the busiest schedule in terms of work, so far in 3 days…but I have one wish can you please take me to the beach?

Nothing warms my heart but the waves splashing noisily as your October sky gives my visage a little drizzle from your overcast clouds and the wind caressing my hair to fall and sway in mess on my quiet face, what a sight to see, what a feeling to take pleasure in. As strange as it may seems but I find calmness in your howl, it’s the peace I’d like to call mine, I desire the rainy days in your shore.

I will never deny the cheerful feeling you bring me whenever I am under your beach summer sky but as I mature I see things in a different perspective, maybe it makes me more confident knowing that I can find serenity in your most furious surge. The feeling it gives me as I tempt your tide to rush and pull me and the assurance I get that not even the strongest wind or wave can move my ground for I am rooted firmly in your sand. It makes me feel stronger and more human, susceptible to perils but bold and courageous. I like to breathe the freedom that I have seen in your strange tranquility!

I wish to see you beach and play under your October sky! Comfort me October blues!

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