Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's up?

Ey, How are you guys?

I've been very busy lately and wasn't able to update my blog... SORRY.
But I'm back and hopefully will be active again both here in GoodRiddance and Wackybattle

Anyways, these past two month I've been hanging out at Tumblr check out mygoodriddance.
Tumblr was fun...very easy to manage and during those two months all I did was watch them post pictures, random facts, current issue, light topic and reblog, Tumblr doesn't require you to be as specific and detailed as compared to other blog, actually I think it's more like a social network I met a lot of cool peps there too.

I've also been twitting a lot and you can follow me too at Twitter and last but not the least Plurk I'm just new in plurk and I only have a few friends..hahaha you can follow or add me on both.

Well, I'll be updating this more often starting today and I'll also be posting updates from the last two months that I was gone.

Welcome back to me! LOL!

By the way if you have followed me (thanks and mwah!) and I fail to follow back (sorry), kindly leave a comment and your link so I can give you back the credit. Thanks!

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