Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey you SELF, what’s up?

I've been busy going around my Technicolor life. Here are some of them in photos:

There’s a new craze in town, it’s the SCRAMBLE baby! I wasn’t really sure about it at first because I remember how I was deprived by my mother to eat those yummy pink concoctions when I was a kid. But WTH I’m old enough to decide for myself, hehehe I can now eat those hepatitis mix without being scold and beside it’s being sold in the mall so I assume it went through a food screening process and certification.

I’m a cat. I eat rice in a can, meow! This is lunch Paella in can. I find it weird at first because all I can think of when I saw Roland eating them is “Friskies” *Cat Food* lols but one time I was really craving for rice and I can’t find any at Ministop and I can’t order take-outs so I settled with Paella in can, not a bad idea, although it doesn’t taste as good as the real Paella and little pricey for 39 pesos but good enough to fill my tummy.

I’m a Japanese and Korean food lover, actually I also lurpe Thai and other Asian cuisine and as much as I would hate to admit I lurpe eating and I enjoy food. Taken at Kaya! I had (again) Dolsot Bibimbap and I'm not really that satisfy with how they prepare my food, quite pricey and not as authentic as those restos in Makati. But I lurpe their Kimchi and Myulchi bokkeum, unfortunately you have to pay for each side dish, tsk that's not fair considering how small their serving is hmmm....I've learned my lesson.

Ramen or Ranyum (as how they call it in Korea) is one of my comfort food. I love this Nong Shim Shin Raymun Spicy Mushroom; I love how it tastes when it’s a little cold. I usually buy at few packs for my msg-cravings supply and I also love the Spicy kimchi ranyum and wash it down with oolong tea, oh man!

This was taken a few weeks ago when my brother and I went for a little shopping, actually he was the one who went on shopping and I was just a by stander, hehehe.

Trying out clothes for myself and I was also assigned to choose a dress for Jess ( Bro's GF) and try em. We went from one store after another. I enjoy having him around, you see, he is not the typical guy who would glare at you when you enter a boutique and would rather wait outside, he’s the type who would be kind to accompany you and even check if the clothes suits your style or not. Clap clap to my brother!

We got that bohemian inspired dress for Jess and I got a navy inspired dress and a chic of the edge Japanese inspired dress that I wasn’t able to take photos because I was so excited fitting them. But I got to try out the mannequin’s hair! Hohoho!

Paper Crane Folding 101. I don’t know what has gotten into me but maybe because I’m a Joongbo Fan, yes I am and i love them both hehehe! I said why not study how to fold one! I remember elementary days when kids are showing off their skills in origami folding and I was a lazy-oh-not-so-interested but now I know how to fold one with the help of (of course) Internet!!! Hehehehe!

Gracey’s Birthday Treat at Gilligans. We gave her some cupcake treats and a little cake so she can blow her wish! =) Go get a Boyfriend! oh and it's on process...bwaaaahahaha!

Wacky got a little under the weather. I rushed him to medical city because his fever won’t subside. He was absent in school for 3 days and I was a little panicky because there’s a dengue outbreak in our village luckily it was just a simple flu. Really handsome despite the fact of being sick, he still manage to pose in a 39.4 temperature. His face is really charming. He always gets a second look from people and when he speaks, he speaks with wit. That's my Joaquin.

Lastly here’s a picture to represent my position in the email that I received few days ago! Cover your eyes to feel no pang of guilt, hate or whatsoever. And eat Fruits it will help you decrease your paranoia and increase your happy thoughts! Lols

Peace out!

I’m a Dream Catcher in the Rye

I said lately I haven’t been dreaming or maybe because I don’t get enough sleep that’s why dreams are mostly forgotten. In those three to five hours of my sleep-deprive-life dreams wouldn’t be possible.

Dreams are series of images, suggested emotions, sounds that we experience during sleep. It’s an honest representation of our feelings, mostly we dream of the things that we desire, the things that are bugging us our current concerns, our triumphs or dilemma.

I used to wake up and stay still for a moment to silently recall all my dreams. I used to keep a book about dreams and analyzed all the symbols that I saw during my sleep. But lately it’s different I can’t recall any of it and I am worried that I might be lacking in self awareness or I might lose my emotional attachment to the world.

I want to see stars, rainbow, unicorn and mermaids, a field full of violets and cherry blossoms, I wish to enter the whimsical land and those beautiful things that gives us a good feeling after a dazed full of sleep. I wonder if we lose our ability to dream as we age, I wonder if it’s just me or I’m an exceptional case. I wonder if there’s really a dreamland. What if my name is not on their list anymore? hihihi.

"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you'll start missing everybody".~ Cather in the Rye

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