Friday, April 15, 2011

Mt. Gulugod Baboy: A Hidden Wonderland

Two weeks after Boracay I was again up in my toes getting ready for another hike. This time it’s a combo hitting a mountain and the beach. Mt. Gulugod baboy is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. A minor climb with a Difficulty of 2/9, 525 MASL and Trail Class 1-2 (techie techie info from pinoymountaineer) it was easier to climb than Mt Romelo although technically higher.

I was the one who suggested the place since I’ve seen a lot of info and pictures from various blogs I stumbled upon. I felt that Mt Gulugod would fire whatever sparks we have for climbing. And I was not wrong, after all it was indeed a taste of heaven near Manila.

Two hours of commuting to our destination, stopovers not included. I am not the commuter traveler type, I would never take a bus or jeepney to travel. I’m the one of those who (of course) be more comfortable in my own transportation, I feel relieve thinking that I can ask the driver to pull over at anytime, practically to sightsee, snap pictures or to enjoy each pit stop. But this time we have to take a bus going to Mabini. The bus ride was smooth and less strenuous (to my surprise) gone are the days when buses are filled with country music and vendors selling sweets, almost forcing their goods in your face. We now say hello to DVD movies, relax atmosphere and if you’re lucky a wifi spot at the comfort of your ride. Tadaah I like it!

We reach Mabini stopover and transferred to a jeep that will take us to our jump point. The barker insisted for us to rent the jeep that will take us to our destination, bidding the price, we though we were lucky after haggling to a 100 each. It’s another 30-45 mins more to reach the final stop. Then things start to turn bad when our jeep had an engine problem and can no longer proceed to the starting point. We had no choice but to walk the stiff paved road. We can’t get another ride because the road (unfortunately) can only accommodate one vehicle at a time not even tricycle can pass. There is a small barangay in that area and I’m not proud to say that we had disabled their transportation system that day. It’s not our fault but Manong driver who said his jeep is able and capable.

The trail was amazingly stiff and it’s hard when you’re carrying 4 liters of water juggling at your backpack. We were told that there is no water source so we have to be ready with enough water to sustain us over night plus an overflowing supply of wipes hahaha! MC was struggling in this climb, he’s diabetic, I’m not particularly sure about the details of the disease but what he have is hypo so he needs sugar. My sling bag was packed with lollipops and peanut butter sachet, my trail food, needed to boost my energy. Was able to give him some but really I was scared that we might have to cancel the climb because of his condition, luckily MC knows his limits and much aware of what to do incases like that, after a couple of stopover and rest he was able to gain back his energy so we are back on the trail. The 1-2 hours climb turned to  be a 3 hours hike but nonetheless we all reach the top with more energy and enthusiasm. The view was fascinating while climbing we can see the sun chasing our back, almost dipping its rays to the sea. Sun shinny afternoon indeed, it was a wonderful day.

I was static just seeing the summit and how I ran in the trail with my 30 liters bag lol. It was a magnificent 360 degree view of Batangas Sea, mountain and landmass. It was breath taking. After jumping up and down on the summit we decided to settle our campsite Ikyot and Mike pitched the tent and some of us are still busy praising the sight. At night we're welcomed by the howling wind and believe me when I tell you it was sooo cold and windy we can’t even stay out of our tent for a long time. I said I have to drink, good thing I brought my soju with me, teehee! Bad thing I have no one to drink with not even the guys stayed to drink my favorite alc haist! I left it half empty.

Morning was amazing the fog or the clouds were kissing us and it was cold, you can see from the pictures how I was dressed. I love it soooo much! I will definitely visit you gain Mt. Gulugod Baboy!

The descend was quick in 45 mins you’ll be able to go down with a little slide and glide and before I forget there’s a halo-halo (ice shave dessert) station lol  halfway before reaching the summit and twas good just a little less than Razon’s lol, it was yummy. We decided to drop by at Philpan hoping to swim but we are too lazy to dip into the water instead we just hangout on one of their cottage and snaps some pictures while witing for Manong Jeepney Driver to arrive and drive us to Lei’s house where we had our lunch. It was indeed a nice experience and I highly recommend the place for new hikers (like me) searching for inspiration and brilliant scenery. Go! Go to Gulugod just don’t forget to invite me! Hihihi! 

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