Saturday, April 16, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! And Random Stuffs!

This is what they prepared for me ^^
 I was so happy, I can’t even stop laughing! ^^

I love surprises! Last April 13 my team surprised me by decorating my work area with balloons and colorful papers. They also cooked Pancit (sautéed rice noodles), bought flowers and cake for my birthday. They even prepared the drinks and utensils to be used, whew!. I, on the other hand just bought Pandesal and Peanut butter plus Ice Cream. I didn't come to work on my actual birthday because I wanted to spend the entire day with Wacky. But just the same my team was able to give me the most sweetest surprise ^^

I love this People!
Thank you guys! Thank you for all the love and
for giving your best in everything you do!

On my birthday eve, Wacky went home a little late, but we still manage to do our plan, our slumber partey. We stayed up until 3am eating Ice cream, chips, watching cartoons, reading books and playing. I love Wacky to death. I'm his no.1 fan! lol
He prepared this Dreamy Princess Ice Cream for My Birthday!

Now I'll be posting some Random stuff. 

You got to check out the little girl in the middle. lol. And now she's all that! All of that!


Wacky mi hijo, muy Bonito! a lot of people are asking if his father is a Korean or Japanese, in some cases I manage to make them believe that his Father is actually in Seoul Korea. LOL. Oh boy! how I laugh! We both have that naughty side. I think he manage to inherit my sarcasm and wittiness! lol He's very intelligent, I hope he maintains his outstanding grade. His last report card showed his grade range between 97-100%, how's that!?


And I'm a sucker for nice little things! below are the random me in photos! things that scream my name in one way or another. ^^ 

Let's all be happy! Live life. Keep it steady and warm! Thank You! Cheers!

Listening to Bice 'Like Someone In Love' try to search for that song, (maybe in youtube) then look for the one that doesn't have any lyrics but humming and lalala (lol) it's really beautiful ^^

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  1. Skull .. is that small boy your suppose to be "Korean son"??? hahahha he is handsome and does look like koean ... i'll pray for your happiness .. and may your son grow up healthy and of coz with "good grades' hhahahha ...


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