Saturday, April 10, 2010


I’m not a professional Blogger. I don’t even advertise or earn from my blog, the soul purpose of my blogging is just to vent out whatever emotions or ideas I have in mind. Although it would be really great if I’ll be earning while doing this I feel that it will also put pressure on the things that I like to do. Blogging for me is just a hobby and I'm enjoying this.

I have added some widgets like Live Feeds, Flag counter and inserted Google Analytics here in mygoodriddance because I want to know from what countries you guys come from, let me show you.

Countries Reading Mygoodriddance via Flag Counter:

I have 2, 723 hits from 61 Countries all in all…hmmm and there are roughly around 195 independent countries in the world today, so I’m missing 134. But I have included the 61 Territories and 6 dispute Territories (duh, my dorkiness is attacking me) so I’m missing 68 countries.LOL

Live Traffic Feed also helps me identify the visitors of my blog in real time. However the only information you’ll get are the Arrival or Departure of the Country, OS, Browser and the Long Description (the topics they have landed).

Via Live Traffic Feed: SAMPLE

My point is, even if I haven’t visited your country I feel like my soul has traveled there knowing that some of my craft has reached the comfort of your computers. I somehow feel that I am making something out of this.

To make it more specific I have attached Google Analytics to my blog although my knowledge is not substantial enough to dice out all information that I get from it, but at least I know the basic. Google Analytics is designed to give you a more sophisticated information it generate statistics about your website, it is mostly used by webmaster and technologists to track the visitors activities in their website, however GA was originally designed for marketers to monitor their site's earnings. The main use of GA for me is to track my visitors, see how effective my site is and to know what’s the most search post or topics that interest my readers (but still I randomly write whatever I feel writing so I failed in making a follow through). GA can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, pay per click networks and other forms of link. Again I’m a neophyte to this so if I failed to understand some statistics my apology to the scholars (instructors are very much welcome).

Top 15 Searched Keywords: Did you search for these words to get here?

(Let me highlight those that made me ROFL. I've selected some of the most peculiar keywords )

  1. Mygoodriddance
  2. amana resort waves everyday at what time
  3. Emotional self control how
  4. Good riddance "when you grow up" heart dies
  5. good riddance play at a funeral
  6. Analysis of the song "gold rush brides"
  7. What does joga bjork mean?
  8. Detective julie vega
  9. Do the betsin can cause death?
  10. Mini mini my nimo?
  11. Sacrament of waiting
  12. Thesis tungkol sa pre marital sex
  13. Passport application through dfa
  14. sss digitized id and sss id differences
  15. Cagbalete

Top 10 Sources: How did you get here?

  1. Direct
  4. Google
  6. Facebook
  8. (oops flagging)
  9. yahoo

Some people might ask and criticize: why are you blogging? Or don’t you have enough friends that you can talk to? Or are you living a tedious life? Or what satisfaction do you get by showing everyone how you feel? Or why don’t you get a life? Et cetera...Et cetera…

Well, we live our own life, don’t we? About having friends, I have a handful of trusted friends that I can talk to. If you’re asking about my life, it’s pretty colorful or may I add erratic to some extent, I sometimes failed to juggle things because I’m too occupied, so therefore I HAVE A LIFE. If you ask me what do I get from this and do I like showing off my complex bizarre mind…that’s none of anyone’s business, it’s my prerogative. If you feel that I disgust you…well, feel free to mock and bash me but it’s your choice and my choice if I’ll be affected. LOL

Anyways, Hello Word! Welcome to my turf and I feel so honored to be at your service. Your comments and suggestions are very much welcome and I would heartily appreciate any words from you guys. I hope you won’t get tired of reading my peculiar and what not mind.

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