Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your Shinny Wifey Material

Every little girl dream of wearing a white grandiose gown on their wedding day with their knight and shinning armor walking them to the isle. Along with that dream is a tiny little hope that they can be the perfect wife to their husband.

Oh yeah, although I’m not that so lady like I also dreamt of cooking and cleaning the house with my beautiful apron wrap around my tiny waist, my feather duster in my other hand and my shinny red heels. Yeah, the stereotypical wife that is I have dreamt of.

Ok then, let’s define the Stereotypical “cartoonized” Wife:

  • She wakes up early in the morning to cook breakfast with her orange juice and coffee, as she offers it happily to her husband.
  • She uses the vacuum cleaner with an outstanding fashion.
  • She runs to the grocery with her cart full of treats and minds every details of each product while zooming the back label with her oh’ so darling glasses.
  • She who still looks dainty no matter how stressed and tired she is from household chores
  • She who wears a beautiful apron wrap around her tiny waist, a feather duster in her hand, a shinny red stiletto while swaying to music on the radio. (That’s me in COSPLAY HAHAHA)
  • She cooks the most scrumptious dinner and displays her skills in food presentation beating all 5 star hotels in the metropolis.
  • She who’s always prepared for her husband’s boss surprise visit and can converse in a most impressive witty manner
  • She who offers the finest tea party to her friends, bake godly cakes and brew her own tea in her expensive china.
  • She never loses her posh style for her husband admiration and darn after having 3 kids she still looks hot.
  • She whose only concern was decorating their abode with linens and china and she worries about the next theme for their house. “Hmmm..” she wonders “would it be French, Antique, Shabby Chic or Modern/Conventional style or what?” She needs to redecorate at least every year.

In my dreams (once/before/past/long ago/in ancient time) I wanted to be that shinny wifey material but as I grow older I realize that life is not all dandy. Each female species I know is on the race to living a better life so being a wife is just a role they have to portray after 8 hours of work. Then the rest will be focused in earning dough to help their husband support their family so they can live a comfortable and decent life.

I remember attending a cooking class at an early age of about 11 or 12, I was trained how to cook well and I guess I can cook decently, basically anything perhaps. I was trained how to manage house hold, those back stabbing pain you get from waxing the floor (Arrrgh!!! I hate those days when my mother will order me to polish the entire floor using my bare hands). I know how to use the washing machine and flat iron. I know how to sew, I even have a knowledge in using a sewing machine, I sometimes alter my own clothes to make it more fitting.

But do I like doing those things? Cooking? Hmmm, maybe, as long as you won’t let me chop the ingredients and wash the dishes after. Waxing the floor? Yeah in your dreams, I can’t even remember the last time I saw or held a broom. Washing and ironing clothes? Nope baby. Not even folding clothes. I will never be that shinny wifey material. Those are just the cliché of my Imagination and I doubt if any wife can live to that expectation, but we are all good in our own ways I might not be able to perform those duties now since I still have to get a good husband but I’ll try to do it once I found the right man to serve.

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