Monday, January 10, 2011

The Musical Oeuvre--Kevin and Kaye!

Last 2009 when Kaye told me they have plans of getting married I was excited. They were still on the stage of planning and don’t have any slight idea to begin with. So when Kaye told me that she wants me to be her Maid of Honor I was a little bit surprise because with all honesty I’m not the best person to speak with when it comes to marriage (go figure lol). But because they’re both good friends and I would like to offer all the help that I can give and Kaye is more like a little brat sister to me I accepted her proposal. And so the musical idea begins.

Track 11

Today I’m listening to track 11 of which artist/band/album? ---that’s a secret that I have to keep. Right now that song represents my current situation and amazingly answers my questions…from the line “made me realize what I could not see”, indeed I have seen.
After taking so much time on someone who refuses to listen but insist on talking even if her world is falling apart and her end is about to come. I realized that the reason why she’s crumbling down is her resistance to change and denial of reality.

You won’t always get my answer- coz I don’t have em!

It’s funny how people always laugh when I give them the stupidest answer to their most normal question. Ok let me replace that: I always give the lamest, stupidest, sarcastic answer to their questions and they still laugh. You can try and engage a conversation with me in my most normal state and all you’ll get from me are stupid nonsense. I don’t carry all the answers for you, my disk has a limit in capacity. But I'll always say (whenever I have a chance) never be afraid to ask and so they always ask (hehehe). Very well, they know how to follow instructions.

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