Monday, January 10, 2011

You won’t always get my answer- coz I don’t have em!

It’s funny how people always laugh when I give them the stupidest answer to their most normal question. Ok let me replace that: I always give the lamest, stupidest, sarcastic answer to their questions and they still laugh. You can try and engage a conversation with me in my most normal state and all you’ll get from me are stupid nonsense. I don’t carry all the answers for you, my disk has a limit in capacity. But I'll always say (whenever I have a chance) never be afraid to ask and so they always ask (hehehe). Very well, they know how to follow instructions.

I was raised by following rules and direction---ummm then again I’m not so sure about being raised by rules (I’m confusing you here, really…my sporadic brain just keep on flying and my fingers keeps on typing.) going back to my well remembered history, I was raised living with no rules except of course the normal day to day cycle we all have to live and as a kid that was to wake up, eat, go to school, eat, sleep in the afternoon, study, eat, watch tv, then sleep -the so called “life” very challenging. I've learned that by reading instructions you’ll be able to survive—so I read all the instructions. I've learned that text books will help me pass my subjects---so I read all my text books, still failed. I've learned that I have a choice between good or bad---so depending on the situation sometimes I choose good, most of the times bad. I've learned that by complementing others, there's a possibility of you looking like a sucker---so I choose not to suck at anyone. Hehehe! So I ask questions and I don’t always get all the answer.
I have lot of questions like why does the sun always rise from the east? Why not north or south or west? Mr. Sun you have a lot of options! Why is there an unending debate between which came first the chicken or the egg? Ei, we both enjoy them on our table so better not worry about it. Why does the sun go on shinning? Karen wasn’t able to answer it for me. Why do we insist on democracy when we are all selfishly dictating what the norms should accept and revolt if we don't get what we want? Why are we all afraid of death when we all know that sooner or later we’ll have to face it? See I can only give stupid answer to those but still some people find it amusing because in reality there is really no answer. NO ANSWER!
There are 4 types of people in this world under the question and answer category:
The Senior Kindergartens- they never get tired of asking and they have all the questions in this world, sometimes I think it’s not because they lack in knowledge but more of self confidence and the ability to make decisions. They don't trust their own judgement and are scared to commit mistakes. But brave enough to ask why? What? When? How? Where? -I don’t know, go and Google it baby!
The KIA (know-it-all) - the one who will answer all the questions of our senior kindergarten. They know everything, tried everything, (claim to almost) have everything, experience everything, been there and they’ve done that. They have all the answers, they equate Goggle. When I’m around a KIA I shut up because there’s no way I can communicate with them without making fun of what they have to say, they end up hating or avoiding me. One thing I notice about the KIA’s they change their voice into a serious commanding tone when answering questions or giving opinions.
The Sponge - They don’t ask any questions they wait for the senior kindergartens to ask questions and The KIA’s to answer. They have no opinions or whatsoever, they’re sponge: absorb and squeeze. They are the safest. No mistakes because they can always say that I’ve heard this from KIA when the senior kindergarten ask.
The Sharp Tongues- they will answer the TSK questions but will make a big mockery out of it. They listen to the KIA’s but laugh at the end of their answers. They won’t give you a straight answer but more of the figure it out yourself. They think that everyone should at least have a slightest answer to their questions. They don’t need to find all the answer but use logic and analogy to decipher the questions. They are sensitive and intuitive but sarcastic and annoying all at the same time. Everyone hates them lol!
Now figure out where you belong among those tribes, as for myself I know I belong to the sharp tongues but this is just one part of my observation there are still a lot of tribes and a lot of aspect to look at. Humanity is a nice show to watch, try to enjoy the series.
Again, it's not bad to ask! Let's all fish for the answer!


  1. This blog is so kikay! hehhehehe

    tama.. ask and you shall receive diba? :D

  2. Thanks Nielz! lol the more you ask the more you receive...hahahaha! sana...


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