Monday, January 10, 2011

The Musical Oeuvre--Kevin and Kaye!

Last 2009 when Kaye told me they have plans of getting married I was excited. They were still on the stage of planning and don’t have any slight idea to begin with. So when Kaye told me that she wants me to be her Maid of Honor I was a little bit surprise because with all honesty I’m not the best person to speak with when it comes to marriage (go figure lol). But because they’re both good friends and I would like to offer all the help that I can give and Kaye is more like a little brat sister to me I accepted her proposal. And so the musical idea begins.

Kevin is a keyboard player and Kaye loves singing so they both agreed on music and me being a desperate musician, cannot agree more, it’s the best motif that can represents them. Our bouquets are made of maracas, the mens pins are tiny native guitars, the flower girls carried a tambourine, the tables are named after musical instruments (some are even alien to me) and the invitation was a musical poster. We had fun that night and the most that I remember is when Kevin sang his song (The Last Time by Eric Benet) for Kaye, that was tearjerkingly sweet, he can't even finish the song because he was crying while hugging Kaye, I have no words to describe but I felt Love's presence! Here are some of the events in photos. Held at Church I the sky last December 18, 2010, followed at Scrapyard Resort, Angono.
The Newlyweds!

I don't have much pictures of them at the church since I was busily attending to my duties! hihihi ^^

Captured Memories!

My favorite game that night was the couples game. The couples will have to show everyone their best kiss and will be judge by the audience! it was funny and a little kinky! hahahaha!

With Friends and Wacky ^^

my personal scene! eksenadora shots! lol ^^

Despite all the stress they have to face weeks before the wedding they still manage to keep it simple and elegant. What I know is, as a friend we should all wish their married life to be blissful instead of ----(that will be on my future post, if things persist. I don't want to ruin the festive mood I have on this entry, so I will let it pass this time).
This is a new beginning for Kevin and Kaye I hope everyone can wish them well and support them in whatever they take as husband and wife. I prayed for their happiness and everyone as well. I love you both, you know that!

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