Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To embrace Freedom is to take the first step!

I was feeling a little slouchy, I have a lot of things to do and my work are all filling up. The last thing that I wish to do is to conduct an interview, but to my surprise (finally) a substantial amount of living person came in to give me some good lesson.
Interviews are boring, you ask them series of similar questions depending on the person’s resume I can predict how well the response can be. Today a young man was able to make some sense. He worked in a restaurant as a supervisor (a small unknown takeout chain in Makati), he started as a crew and climbed his way to the top, he was giving statistics of how much they increase in his six years of service. I was impressed, not because a small business like that earns a lot; I was impressed because he knew what he was talking about.
He was giving me numbers and figures enough to defend his position and claimed knowledge. He’s earning enough and I said “you know that by applying for an agent post won’t earn you as much as you’re earning now, right?” he said “I am fully aware of that, but Ma’am I also started with a low paying job, and the job I’m aiming now does not equate to my experience” my follow-up “why do you want to work in our company?” “I realized that I’m done with one phase of my life and I have to move on, learn something new. I know I need this change to get what I want, I have to start now before it’s too late” “what if things doesn’t work as you expect it to be?” “that’s the risk I have to take.”
CHANGE! Bingo! How many of us are afraid of change? How many of us are living comfortably but not happy because we are afraid to take the risk? How many of us refuse to go out because we're stuck in our comfort zone? How many of us are so used to the cycle of life afraid of breaking the chain because we all know it will create havoc? How many of us are afraid to lose what we have despite the urge and longing for freedom? We are all bunch of cowards. And I strongly agree that if we want that something new we have to embrace that desire before it’s too late.
TOO LATE! because we all have all the possible reasons to stay in our box…I have a kid to support, I have a family to take care of, I won’t earn as much as I’m earning now if, I have all what I need so I’ll stick around here, I might get promoted, I just need to wait a little longer to pay my debts, I have a new house or car on amortization, I just need a little more time, I’m not ready yet. We have all the reasons, all the excuses and before we realize that-- "this is it, now is the time"-- life has taken its toll on us--- we are all TOO LATE!
I admire that man for taking the first step, he embraces the unknown and now up for his own adventure, sooner or later he'll be able to taste the fruit of his labor. The sweetness of freedom! I’m envious because like any others I’m a coward and I also have all the reason in this world to say no to change. But maybe one day I might break this wall that jailed me from all the wonderful things that I can possibly see outside, but until then Freedom is just a sweet taste of my imagination.
Freedom is a little pricey not everyone can afford it, only those who are ready to pay with high risk of change can apply for it. On the contrary there are also some who was lured by the "False Freedom" and now suffering a great lost. They gamble for the wrong reason and sacrifice what should not be, consequently they swallow the bitter taste of their harvest. It not easy certainly there are risks. But when the divine one is guiding us freedom is easy and all we have to do is embrace the first step---CHANGE!


  1. Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains..

    forgot who wrote this but this is very true.. by being complacent and contented, we're killing our dreams. the real dreams, those we had when we were young and when we still believe in the possibility of everything..

    Ma'am saan ka ba nagwowork ma'am ng makapag apply ma'am? hahaha.. :P

  2. I cannot agree more Nielz, Man are born free until he realized that he has certain needs and desire by then he will be nailed and lose his freedom in the process...

    hahahaha sa Makati...walk in ka lol!


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