Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I’m changing everyday!

I said the first step to freedom is change and I would do it first by recreating myself…freedom to express myself in how I look and what I choose to wear. I had my hair cut but not too short because that’s just the way I like it, I’m back to my bangs and my hair color (had DIY) is a mix between golden blond and golden brown. You will see me looking more like a gypsy or boho walking in Makati lol.
Well ever since I’ve been eccentric with my choices and some people might not get what I like but then again this is me. I have different taste in Music I enjoy listening to indie bands from all parts of the world. I’m fascinated with unique instruments. I read books because I stumble upon that certain book or author and I like reading biographies of those dead people, I enjoy reading about the craft or witches or whatever. If have lots of money maybe I’ll be traveling to Africa or be sailing and travel the world with no destination but to reach the nearest island and live there until I understand their culture then move to the next island…but I don’t have that money hihihi!

This is the (most) lamest thing I can think of to start with my freedom but first steps are first steps we should not ignore those little things because those small details will help us know ourselves and reach our goal. Who knows maybe next time I’ll be writing here about me taking a mission to help save the world from obliteration, hahahaha! I’m no savior! Nah I’m just looking for a way to post my new style---I hear you saying that!

And this is because some fail to see the bigger picture... Not all things can be seen by the naked eye, we all have to dig deeper...FOOLS

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  1. Hello! Hehehe.. maraming salamat po sa pagbati saken nung birthday ko! Sobrang naaappreciate ko po kahit simpleng "Happy birthday" message lang, lalo na yung may mga extra message pa. Maraming salamat po ulit! Sana next birthday ko anjan ka pa rin to greet me. :D

    At tutal naman, nandito na lang rin ako, plug ko na rin ang blog ko. Sa February, (love month) I'll be publishing all my love posts, at letters na sinulat ko. :)

    Thanks ulit! lol. Di po ako makapag blog masyado, it's been a busy week, January is a busy month for me. God bless and world peace! ü

    yahoo messenger: nielz01

    PS. waw paulo coelho, witch of portobello ba yan? :D


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