Friday, January 21, 2011

1st Fun under the Sun~ TM Galore!

Boy! It’s not summer yet but I’m preparing myself for all the adventure that I’ll be taking this year. Last year I said I can’t stand the sun, so when the summer sun arrives I was nowhere to be found--- but was able to see the beach just for a glance at least in bataan and batangas but seriously it was hot.

This year I will take the heat and enjoy everything. For starter I had a simple get away with my team to Antipolo, this is actually a late Christmas celebration since last December our schedules are loaded and we decided to focus more on our priority, our family. We rented a private place to spend our night singing and swimming the entire cold January night (which I wasn’t able to do because I can’t stand the water, its freaking cold).

Random Set I

Random Set II

The place is awesome not to mention cheap for an overnight stay with 4 bedrooms/3 beds each, spacious floor to dance the night out and an amazing overlooking view. I had a grand time taking photos of sun set, clouds and buildings from a far, plus singing the night out until the karaoke gave up. Unfortunately, there was alcohol scarcity hahahaha and so I was sober the entire night (hoping to pass out!? ASA) but the food prepared by my team was scrumptious we had budol budol fight for dinner and breakfast! If I’ll be eating that way every day I swear in a month’s time I’ll be someone unrecognizable rawrr!!! (or oink in that case). I would like to give credits to those who prepared the food not to mention the legendary Arabic chicken curry, thumbs up to you guys!

BudolBudol for Dinner and the Legendary Arabic Chicken Curry lol

Breakfast Budol? Why not!

This is a break from all the hard work we put in from last year’s performance and they all deserve the fun! I just hope that we could extend that moment for another day, if not for eternity! I love my team, they should know that by now. ^^
and now my pic picks!

More More Fun!
This world is my Playground...Come and play with me!

Life is fun if we learn how to live it! Be HAPPY!

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