Sunday, August 8, 2010

Give me thy Superpowers Arrrrgh!

I’m currently doing a research that is work related but I can’t help reading other articles in the internet. Since I’m in wiki and was jotting something about some superpowers that I wish to acquire in my life (seriously) moments ago. To aid my boredom I decided to type in list of abilities that was graciously entertained by wiki so I landed on the “List of Abilities –Heroes Wiki”.

I scroll down and there were like trillions of them written with full description (the trillion part is not true). My dorkus side kicks in and before I knew it I was picking all the superpower slash abilities that I wish to use to take advantage and control human civilization *Bwaaaaaaaaahahahaha*

Here are my chosen abilities:

Rapid Cell Regeneration: The ability to heal wounds without scarring. This totally reminds me of a lizard they have that ability. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can chop my nose off and wait for it to grow till I get the desired shape and size?

Space-time manipulation: one of my favorite characters is Hiro Nakamura. The ability to alter the space-time continuum, including slowing down, speeding up, reversing, stopping, moving backwards and forwards through time, and moving instantaneously through space. I shall say that his ability in a not so complex form is to time travel. That I like! No need to book and pay air fare. Just thinking about it makes me all giggly with excitement. I would lurve to go back to historical events in real time and outwit all history professors in this world hahaha!

Technopathy: This I like too. Remember the kid Micah Sanders and how he manipulated all those ATM machines to get some dough. That will be totally cool! I go shopping and raid all the ATM Machines in the mall woot! And buy all those high end gadgets and create bugs that only I can solve hehehe!

Weather Control: Since I live in a country with a very fickle weather I would be happy to have this and shut down PAGASA!

Lie Detector: The ability to detect when others lie. And I would run the judiciary system of the Philippines. Hahahaha! And everyone else will hate me!

Age Transferal: The ability to transfer the aging and life force to and from an object and make the user younger or older. Who needs Belo or Calayan when you got me buddy! No more 7 signs of aging!

I’m running out of time and I need to sleep soon but there are still some that needs to be included in my list so I guess this is just the First Part. I have too many ideas running in my pea brain but my ability to manipulate time is out of order so I’ll post the continuation later. Remember with great powers comes great responsibility.

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