Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey you SELF, what’s up?

I've been busy going around my Technicolor life. Here are some of them in photos:

There’s a new craze in town, it’s the SCRAMBLE baby! I wasn’t really sure about it at first because I remember how I was deprived by my mother to eat those yummy pink concoctions when I was a kid. But WTH I’m old enough to decide for myself, hehehe I can now eat those hepatitis mix without being scold and beside it’s being sold in the mall so I assume it went through a food screening process and certification.

I’m a cat. I eat rice in a can, meow! This is lunch Paella in can. I find it weird at first because all I can think of when I saw Roland eating them is “Friskies” *Cat Food* lols but one time I was really craving for rice and I can’t find any at Ministop and I can’t order take-outs so I settled with Paella in can, not a bad idea, although it doesn’t taste as good as the real Paella and little pricey for 39 pesos but good enough to fill my tummy.

I’m a Japanese and Korean food lover, actually I also lurpe Thai and other Asian cuisine and as much as I would hate to admit I lurpe eating and I enjoy food. Taken at Kaya! I had (again) Dolsot Bibimbap and I'm not really that satisfy with how they prepare my food, quite pricey and not as authentic as those restos in Makati. But I lurpe their Kimchi and Myulchi bokkeum, unfortunately you have to pay for each side dish, tsk that's not fair considering how small their serving is hmmm....I've learned my lesson.

Ramen or Ranyum (as how they call it in Korea) is one of my comfort food. I love this Nong Shim Shin Raymun Spicy Mushroom; I love how it tastes when it’s a little cold. I usually buy at few packs for my msg-cravings supply and I also love the Spicy kimchi ranyum and wash it down with oolong tea, oh man!

This was taken a few weeks ago when my brother and I went for a little shopping, actually he was the one who went on shopping and I was just a by stander, hehehe.

Trying out clothes for myself and I was also assigned to choose a dress for Jess ( Bro's GF) and try em. We went from one store after another. I enjoy having him around, you see, he is not the typical guy who would glare at you when you enter a boutique and would rather wait outside, he’s the type who would be kind to accompany you and even check if the clothes suits your style or not. Clap clap to my brother!

We got that bohemian inspired dress for Jess and I got a navy inspired dress and a chic of the edge Japanese inspired dress that I wasn’t able to take photos because I was so excited fitting them. But I got to try out the mannequin’s hair! Hohoho!

Paper Crane Folding 101. I don’t know what has gotten into me but maybe because I’m a Joongbo Fan, yes I am and i love them both hehehe! I said why not study how to fold one! I remember elementary days when kids are showing off their skills in origami folding and I was a lazy-oh-not-so-interested but now I know how to fold one with the help of (of course) Internet!!! Hehehehe!

Gracey’s Birthday Treat at Gilligans. We gave her some cupcake treats and a little cake so she can blow her wish! =) Go get a Boyfriend! oh and it's on process...bwaaaahahaha!

Wacky got a little under the weather. I rushed him to medical city because his fever won’t subside. He was absent in school for 3 days and I was a little panicky because there’s a dengue outbreak in our village luckily it was just a simple flu. Really handsome despite the fact of being sick, he still manage to pose in a 39.4 temperature. His face is really charming. He always gets a second look from people and when he speaks, he speaks with wit. That's my Joaquin.

Lastly here’s a picture to represent my position in the email that I received few days ago! Cover your eyes to feel no pang of guilt, hate or whatsoever. And eat Fruits it will help you decrease your paranoia and increase your happy thoughts! Lols

Peace out!

I’m a Dream Catcher in the Rye

I said lately I haven’t been dreaming or maybe because I don’t get enough sleep that’s why dreams are mostly forgotten. In those three to five hours of my sleep-deprive-life dreams wouldn’t be possible.

Dreams are series of images, suggested emotions, sounds that we experience during sleep. It’s an honest representation of our feelings, mostly we dream of the things that we desire, the things that are bugging us our current concerns, our triumphs or dilemma.

I used to wake up and stay still for a moment to silently recall all my dreams. I used to keep a book about dreams and analyzed all the symbols that I saw during my sleep. But lately it’s different I can’t recall any of it and I am worried that I might be lacking in self awareness or I might lose my emotional attachment to the world.

I want to see stars, rainbow, unicorn and mermaids, a field full of violets and cherry blossoms, I wish to enter the whimsical land and those beautiful things that gives us a good feeling after a dazed full of sleep. I wonder if we lose our ability to dream as we age, I wonder if it’s just me or I’m an exceptional case. I wonder if there’s really a dreamland. What if my name is not on their list anymore? hihihi.

"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you'll start missing everybody".~ Cather in the Rye

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I just wanna be OK… A-OK! ~Memoirs of a Kid

Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Candy Sprinkle, Cup Cakes, Pink Popcorn, Unicorn, Rainbow, Tulips, Sundae, Cherry, Strawberry kiwi shake, chocolate mouse, blueberry cheese cake, gummy bears, Red Vine and Green Apple liquorices, Ice cream, Popsicles, lollipop and sugar powder, balloons, Cherry blossom, muffins, chocolate chips, lemon drops, paper cranes, ukulele, castles, red shinny shoes, ribbons, rainy days curling in my sheets, fruit loops, smurf, pilipit and all the…………..Happy Thoughts! Imaginnnnnation….. ----> Spongebob to Patrick.

It’s just one of those random days when I feel like thinking of those things that make and doesn’t make sense at all. Today I feel like reminiscing my childhood memories. I think I was the weirdest amongst the kids in our block. My skin color is too dark to wear pink, my hair is dull and is the oiliest. I have the US map and its neighboring island as a scab on my knees, my face is full of sticky candy stains and I eat ice cream... hmmmm…no, I mean, I wash my face with ice cream and eat it, hehe. My body built can be mistaken for a lizard and I have boys for playmate but I am a princess in my own little corner, in our house.

As a kid I feel good whenever I get sick because I get to eat Pilipit. We all have our comfort food when we were young and mine is Pilipit (twisted stone hard bread coated with sugar) my mother will never fail to buy me those and I don’t know why it only taste good when I’m sick.

I love it whenever PAGASA suspend classes, it means binge eating, porridge, champorado or sopas day. I also have this weird desire of dressing up and stepping outside. Feel the rain drizzle in my face. I would ware my sweat shirts or fabulous jackets and hat and pose like some kind of weird London kid in the block, Hohoho.

I would ride a bike wearing daster (dress) and panic when I feel a gust of wind lifting my skirt, and would end up adding more maps on knees (luckily, those are not visible anymore). Saturday morning will always be touch ball or soccer or touch the color. My favorite was touch the color, my mother got me a fantabulous polka dot shorts with different colors on it; I would exclusively use it for that game and earn a lot of chasers and boy, how I run like a hyena.

I would fancy my lunch box; those that are old school deaf defying metal lunch box. I would grin like a sick-o on my pencil case with 300 secret pockets and storage and call it nightrider and put hermits inside and shake it till the hermit fall a sleep, hehe. I would smell my new notebooks and erasers. Fancy are those candy erasers that we held high to the glimmering light and think that it’s the greatest creation that man has ever invent in the history of humanity. I never collected stationeries and kisses though, it’s a fraud hohoho. since my first kisses never gave birth.

While everyone else was dying to have those colorful attaché case and stroller, well I was dying to have a glittered hair gel (just writing this makes me chuckle pffft~ me and my shallowness)

There you go, I’m feeling ok as in A-OK! This is good at least for today and maybe read it again whenever I feel a little bit down or maybe write those that I might remember.

Today I’m listening to "BE OK" by Irish Michaelson.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Give me thy Superpowers Arrrrgh!

I’m currently doing a research that is work related but I can’t help reading other articles in the internet. Since I’m in wiki and was jotting something about some superpowers that I wish to acquire in my life (seriously) moments ago. To aid my boredom I decided to type in list of abilities that was graciously entertained by wiki so I landed on the “List of Abilities –Heroes Wiki”.

I scroll down and there were like trillions of them written with full description (the trillion part is not true). My dorkus side kicks in and before I knew it I was picking all the superpower slash abilities that I wish to use to take advantage and control human civilization *Bwaaaaaaaaahahahaha*

Here are my chosen abilities:

Rapid Cell Regeneration: The ability to heal wounds without scarring. This totally reminds me of a lizard they have that ability. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can chop my nose off and wait for it to grow till I get the desired shape and size?

Space-time manipulation: one of my favorite characters is Hiro Nakamura. The ability to alter the space-time continuum, including slowing down, speeding up, reversing, stopping, moving backwards and forwards through time, and moving instantaneously through space. I shall say that his ability in a not so complex form is to time travel. That I like! No need to book and pay air fare. Just thinking about it makes me all giggly with excitement. I would lurve to go back to historical events in real time and outwit all history professors in this world hahaha!

Technopathy: This I like too. Remember the kid Micah Sanders and how he manipulated all those ATM machines to get some dough. That will be totally cool! I go shopping and raid all the ATM Machines in the mall woot! And buy all those high end gadgets and create bugs that only I can solve hehehe!

Weather Control: Since I live in a country with a very fickle weather I would be happy to have this and shut down PAGASA!

Lie Detector: The ability to detect when others lie. And I would run the judiciary system of the Philippines. Hahahaha! And everyone else will hate me!

Age Transferal: The ability to transfer the aging and life force to and from an object and make the user younger or older. Who needs Belo or Calayan when you got me buddy! No more 7 signs of aging!

I’m running out of time and I need to sleep soon but there are still some that needs to be included in my list so I guess this is just the First Part. I have too many ideas running in my pea brain but my ability to manipulate time is out of order so I’ll post the continuation later. Remember with great powers comes great responsibility.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Road Trip Junkie! The Road I have traveled~

I barely have time for play. My work is so demanding and it's taking all of my play time so I have to squeeze in all the extra curricular activity that I may have. Unfortunately, my friends also have their own schedule to deal with, so I have to make a fair comprehensive time for everyone to be happy. We have been planning this road trip and after all of those attempts we finally made it. Sunday it is!

The First Road Trip

This was just part of our random hey ho let’s go!~ After drinking that night Kaye and Kevin have to drive me back at my place at 4am and before getting off we have all decided to go on a road trip that afternoon at 3pm. I was~ ok let’s just see if this will really take place. At 2:30 pm I woke up with a few text and missed call from other people, non of them came from Kaye or Kevin or Jasper. So I though of texting them first and before I knew it they were at my doorstep waiting for me to pack up all of my things inside the car trunk. I have a tendency to bringing too many things (not) needed lols!

with Jasper and Kevin


With Kaye

At 3:45 we were heading outside Antipolo, the weather is grouchy with dark overcast clouds. We trek the long highway of Rizal giggly and having fun with some stop over to buy Kababayan (local bread like small muffins), Spanish bread and soda to fill out grumbling stomach. We bump into a few mishaps due to some road construction. We almost run out of gas because Kaye miscalculate the miles that we will be travelling so we end up buying gasoline in coke liter bottles sold by the locals along the highway. We arrived at our destination and I started hitting my cam. After an hour of cam whoring we decided to head down. We got a little lost but still manage to find our way back after 30 mins driving to the wrong direction hehehe lols!

The second Roadtrip

The complete cast!

Kids don't try this at home ^^

With Belen and Kaye

First stop

My Evil Sista!

This was somehow well planned than the previous one. We have decided to bring some food along the way, incase we get hungry we can just set up a picnic mat and eat but we still went to the same bakery and buy the delicious kababayan. This time the entire cast was complete along with our costumes (posers) and themes. Belen wasn't able to join us on our first drive because she was in Davao attending her sister’s wedding, so this trip was planned specially for her. Again we are welcomed by the grouchy weather that somehow helped us in taking good photos, the fog in the mountain made it more dramatic and the weather was cool enough to keep us from getting sweaty and haggard. We had fun and went to Kaye’s house after to have our scrumptious dinner~ Bicol express, Tinapa, Chicken Curry and Fried Itik yum with a few vodka shot.

My Personal Shots!

I’m very familiar with the road since I've been there a couple of times, I can't barely recall the number of times but enough to say that I have brought my favorite people with me to enjoy the scenery. Travelling with different people who needed time to think and contemplate in their life, issues, things that needed a long cautious silent thinking. Friends who wants to unwind or enjoy or some who wants to reassess their life and what not.

I have traveled that road and made some life changing decision while watching the white lines that indicate I’m still in the right path. I have traveled that road and left my worries with those beautiful serene mountains. I have traveled that road and laugh the loudest with the most trusted and fine people who've accompany me during my madness. I have traveled that road with the most important people in my life, some are still with me and some are miles apart from where we have started. Nevertheless, once they have traveled with me. Just now that I realize that everyone who has touched my life has traveled that same road with me, I was able to share them the tranquility that these road was able to give to my soul. I was given the chance to bring them here at my little oasis, my retreat, my haven, a place where I feel safe and calm.

Funny Shots

Only in the Philippines

Nice View


Some More of the RT!
My Favorite Spot

About to go home

I love my Friends!

Singing in the RAIN! ^^


Friday, August 6, 2010

August~ the last month before the Ber Months

I’m predicting that this month I shall double my size. I started starving myself last year October by a bet with my friends that I’ll be treating them for lunch if they caught me eating rice. I won the bet and never get to treat them their fancy lunch.

This month August, yes! the month before the Ber month starts, I started eating like there’s no tomorrow. August 1 my agent treat me for a free lunch, I'll be stupid if I’ll be saying no, so I joined the wagon. After that free lunch my friend texted me asking what time she should pick me up because we had set a cooking spree for that day. When I got there my cousin texted me asking for my location because everyone’s at the house eating 3 kinds of pasta and pizza and I have to be there since its Sheila birthday (my cousin). I excused my self from the cooking spree and told them I’ll be back before 9pm . I was full and can’t move my ass when I got back at my friends house. When I got there we started eating again and after much discussion we decided to go to the wake of a friend’s father. And a few minutes after, my cousin texted me again saying that we will be going to wensha spa for an overnight pampering I was torn between the two groups, so I did my best to divide my time. My cousins will pick me up at St. Peter’s Chapel at 1 am so we can all go to the Spa and by the way Wensha offers eat all you can buffet so I was again shoving food inside my mouth, Shabu-shabu this time. Aside from eating too much my schedule was over loaded which I feel happy about since I love doing various activities.

Ok I also started this month by not sleeping at all august 1-2 I was awake for the entire 40 hours. Nyah what’s new?

Continuing my food journey this august, my brother who resides in Singapore will be here for a vacation and as usual when our family gets together we have a habit of indulging with food. We are a foody family, we enjoy food and conversation, and it’s one of the bonding moments that we will always share.

So August 3 before we pick up my brother at the airport my cousin Sheila and I had a Korean lunch at Chongkewang in Makati while waiting for the rest to pick us up. I had a Dolsot Bibimbap and Sheila had a fish cake plus the side dishes that goes with our meal. I was soooo full the restaurant offers big serving and the side dishes are awesome. At 3pm we hurried to the airport and when my brother arrived we decided to have dinner at YakiMix MOA the restaurant opens a 5:30 pm so I signed up and we are 3rd on the list … and I was doomed after. We left the resto at 8pm. I was really full but I can’t help but take a sampler of all the Sushi, Maki, Sashimi, it’s my weakness. We also grilled some shrimp, squids, salmon, and all possible beef and pork marinade. The dessert table is a fancy eye lure, I was smiling at the cup cakes and cakes and pastries and egg tart and ice ream with your choice of candy topping, I’m having hard time breathing just recalling how I devour all of those. Hay life is good when you enjoy the food and the people you eat with.

It’s my first week in August and while I’m writing this I’m waiting for the caterer to arrive here in the Office… yup another binge eating for me. Oh lord please give me the right amount of metabolism to burn all this before I turn myself into a pumpkin. Happy august everyone ^^

August 1st week in Action:

Mel's Lunch Treat at Kenny Rogers Glorrieta 3

Me and Christian
While Waiting for my Free Lunch~ FREE! ^^
Me, Christian and Grace

The rest of the Group from L-R Lei, Eunice, Mel, Me, Grace and Christian.

Wok with Tyan and Culinary Disaster with my evil sissy!

This is what we call "Chicken Salad de Santan Ala Concreto"
This is actually a joke to our friend since she loves doing food like a culinary expert so the 3 of us decided that we should have our own funny version. That's chicken salad topped with santan with tempura crackers, damo from Kevin's graden and the Tanzan and stone are courtesy of Jasper. I have a bunch of Luna Friends ^^

Me, Kaye and Belen (L-R) and our creation. Ok lah!

At Wensha Spa and Buffet

Want's some kungfu fighting?
After the massage
Out Shabu Shabu which is over flowing and can feed 10 people!
After eating

The rest of the Gang (L-R) Me, Nico, Ivee, Sheila, Lisette

ChongKeWang Korean Resto

My Awesomeness Side Dishes! Yummy!
Checking out their other side dishes and kimchi and pickled veggies

My Dolsot Bibimbap! I super love it!

YakiMix Moa With my Flintstones

Having Fun at V's New Mac while waiting for our reservation
(L-R) 1st row Auntie, My Momma, Wacky and Ivee. 2nd row Lisette, Moi, Renz and Sheila
My dessert Plate
My almost finish Sushi, Maki and sashimi
My empty dessert platter
Moi plate, Yanchow, Kani Tempura, Lechong Macau, Kani cake
The Dessert Bar "Object of my Affection"

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